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Handling over 3.15 million tons of cargo annually, ABES nv is ideally situated in the Port of Antwerp- with a terminal covering nearly 200,000m2.

As a stevedoring company, ABES handles dry bulk cargo, general cargo, rolling stock, iron and steel products and heavy lifts. It is specialised in finding tailored solutions for its partners in the logistic chain and the company’s highly skilled employees are adept at handling various types of cargo on different vessels.

ABES – operating in harbor five of the Port of Antwerp – sees 120 trucks and 150 railcars arriving and leaving on a daily basis.

Keeping clients satisfied is clearly at the heart of the company’s motivation and there is no doubt ABES believes in doing whatever is necessary to meet customer requirements.

The management of ABES clearly puts the emphasis on the following: “ We have to offer our clients every possibility that is available in the Port of Antwerp – whether it is lifting by floating cranes up to a capacity of 800 tons and mobile cranes up to 100 tons or discharging cargo by means of a forklift of a capacity up to 30 tons.

“We must always be searching for new materials and discussing ideas about handling the cargo and buying new equipment. You have to constantly improve your terminal and innovate.”

Part of ensuring its client base remains loyal and happy is about ensuring staff members represent the best in the industry and possess an attitude towards safety that is beyond reproach.

“We have to fulfil all of our clients wishes by offering close contact, innovation, new materials, safety and very skilled staff. If you don’t have exceptionally skilful labourers, you cannot handle cargo appropriately, it is the most important consideration in the Port of Antwerp, especially at our terminal because we handle general cargo as from two kilos up to 700 tons, rather than just containers.

“On top of this we have to be able to show our clients that we can handle materials in a proper and professional manner. The emphasis is on safety. Even if you are very skilled, there may arise a problem and if any mistake is made a life could be endangered.

“Our success is based on direct contact with our clients and direct contact with our skilled labourers on everyday innovation and an excellent safety policy.”

Another way in which ABES strives to keep its clients satisfied is through being on hand to help find solutions, rather than simply being a service provider that maintains office hours.

“Our management feels this is integral to building up a successful portfolio of clients. We will always be available at a management level, our operational team is accessible seven days a week to inform and guide our clients.The logisitic chain never sleeps….

“We have to demonstrate our flexibility every day, even on a Sunday, because every job that we perform for a particular client – even if it is only discharging two kilos – is an advertisement for our terminal.

“For this reason, we also put our mobile telephone numbers outside of the terminal on a sign, so that people can call us even when we are at home and we will provide service, whether it is a barge coming in at 10pm or an urgent problem with a skipper who has to leave suddenly for personal reasons or illness.

“It is important to remember that behind business, there are people and people can have problems, so you have to try to take care of everyone and not be severe. Flexibility is paramount.”

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