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Havila AS operates through its subsidiary Havila Shipping ASA, which provides marine transportation services, and is an expert in vessel management and shipbuilding.

Owned by current chairman Per Saevik, Havila AS was founded in 1997 and is based in Fosnavåg, Norway. In 2005, Havila Shipping was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and thanks to principle shareholder Havila AS, it has a long tradition and high competence stretching over two decades to support it.

Indeed, over the past seven years Havila AS has helped Havila Shipping ASA to become one of Norway’s leading shipbuilders and operators. Its head office, also based in Fosnavåg, is staffed with 26 employees and the main market for Havila’s ships is the North Sea and Asia Pacific region. In terms of its fleet, Havila Shipping operates 22 platform supply, anchor handling tug supply, rescue and recovery vessels, which have all been designed to take on the harsh North Sea environment.

The fleet will be added to soon as part of Havila’s two-year newbuilding programme of five ships, designed with the latest industry regulations and measurements in mind, and the fleet is continually updated and rigorously checked to ensure Havila is at the cutting edge of vessel supply.

Some of its front running vessels are in the platform supply area, with the Havila Fortress being a prime example of the company’s quality dedication, encompassing all the necessary specifications above and below deck, being of well-known design, housing a large underdeck capacity and a deck capacity of 902 square metres, as well as a cargo capacity of 2700 metric tonnes.

With the growing emphasis on ecological and environmental factors, Havila Herøy was created to meet the environmental and comfort demands of the future with clean design throughout, clean catalysers and DP2. Delivered in 2009, the platform supply vessel is worth over 250 million NOK and supports Havila’s aim of making continual improvements in its efforts to minimise the impact in the environment. Similarly, the business has established specific environmental targets and it carries out measurements against them, which includes key performance indicators (KPI) tables.

Safeguarding its long-term perspective, through a balanced chartering strategy that ensures cash flow combined with assessed exposure to the spot market is important to Havila. The company strives to be the foremost provider of quality-assured supply services to national and international offshore companies. It also aims to have its ships exceed customer and industry expectations in the fields of quality, health, safety and environment by implementing strategic plans throughout operations.

Another important consideration for Havila is finding the right crews and it is dedicated to providing professional development and training. The business offers trainee positions for officers, motormen and cadets to meet the increasing demand from oil companies for skilled employees. With a workforce of over 300 multi-skilled employees, Havila Shipping is growing in popularity as both a supplier of experienced workers and a supplier of a broad spectrum of training opportunities.

Staff are trained to fulfil a range of industry needs, which include conducting operations in the safest way possible to achieve the organisation’s goal of having no loss of life, personal injury or damage to health, minimal effect on the environment and no damage to vessels, cargo or third party property.

Besides bringing more possibilities to the fleet, the receipt of Havila’s five new vessels will enhance the company’s earning power, increasing its already impressive turnover of £250 million euros. As one of the Norway’s fastest growing offshore companies, Havila is set to make its mark in Singapore – where it recently turned its attentions – in its aim to extend its market share in the Far East. With transparency, a sense of pride and full understanding of its fields at the heart of Havila Shipping’s core values, which are shared by its dedicated staff, it’s no surprise that the company has achieved its original aim of being a market leader in supporting the oil and gas industry with a range of competent vessels. Its unwavering vision for the future is to be the overall leader in the offshore and shipbuilding markets, thanks to its strong, long-term agreements with global suppliers and its success in being able to offer a high quality service.

Fast growth in Norway

Five new ships on order

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