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Norsecraft was established in 1980, and throughout its history, the company has focused heavily on developing innovative solutions with its suppliers. Today Norsecraft’s main suppliers are Lincoln, Dafoe, Topcon and Dopag. These are divided into two market areas – road construction and offshore and industrial.

The offshore and industrial market area consists of Lincoln lubrication and Dopag pump and dosing products. Norsecraft supplies turnkey solutions that streamline maintenance processes, and simplify and automate production processes at its customers’ facilities.

The road construction market area features Lincoln lubrication, Topcon machine control and Dafoe fire fighting equipment. Norsecraft delivers these quality solutions with the support of its in-house expertise, which means it can enhance the productivity of construction machinery, giving customers increased efficiency and uptime and enabling them to work more effectively.

The main activity of Norsecraft is the provision of central lubrication systems, based on the fact that such a system can extend the life of a machine, reduce operating and maintenance costs and increase machine uptime.

When selling such a solution, Norsecraft especially urges its customers to consider the maintenance costs that are connected to a new piece of equipment. A central lubrication system is a small investment compared the price of a new machine. When considering all the variables, the repayment period on an investment in such a system is often very short.

In addition, Norsecraft has a nationwide service network, which ensures it maintains a close relationship to customers. This offers peace of mind when choosing Norsecraft as a supplier.

The lubrication engineering equipment that Norsecraft offers is from respected manufacturer Lincoln, and can be delivered in a variety of options – line system, two-line system, multi-line system, progressive system and custom installation. All of these are adapted to their different areas.

For the offshore and industrial business area, Norsecraft has chosen to use Lincoln’s progressive system. Of Lincoln’s wide range of options, Quicklub is a popular choice. In a Quicklub system, lubricant can be supplied either manually, with a grease gun, or through a fully automated system using electric or pneumatic pumps and progressive metering valves. More than a drilled manifold block, the SSV metering valve incorporates a series of metering pistons, which accurately dispense lubricant from each outlet. Visual monitoring is provided with an indicator pin, which confirms a valve has completed a full cycle.

The systems deliver many benefits. For example, they are designed to provide a relatively simple and inexpensive method of centralising or automating the lubrication process. Electrical pumps are vibration resistant and shock resistant for use on mobile equipment, and solid block-type SSV metering valves will not leak under pressure.

Norsecraft also offers Dopag pumping and dosing systems in the offshore and industrial market area. The Dopag name is well respected throughout the industry, and is associated with innovative solutions, high quality and a close relationship with customers. The choice of Dopag equipment from Norsecraft includes its Eldo-mix, Econo-mix, Micro-mix, Vario-mix and static mixing systems, all of which provide a range of benefits. Norsecraft’s experienced staff will advise clients of the best choice of equipment for their particular need.

Indeed, its skilled and committed employees are always on hand on to solve the challenges faced by customers – for example, the team has developed lubrication systems for use on supply ships and anchor handling ships. It is also working on new guidance systems, as well as lubrication systems for winches and cranes. The company is also looking to develop its own turnkey systems.

In addition to researching and developing new solutions, an exciting development for Norsecraft arose very recently, when the company announced it had acquired the land surveying company Geodesie Group AS. The Geodesie Group has experience in all measurement techniques including surveying, tunnels, building/construction, bridges and so forth. The agreement meant that Norsecraft took over all activities in Geodesie Group AS in Norway and Sweden from 1 May 2010. The Geodesie Group is retaining its current name and is operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of Norsecraft. The company will be led by its former owner and CEO Peter Granås and co-located with the Norsecraft office in Vøyenenga.

The acquisition forms part of Norsecraft’s commitment to the sale of Topcon machine control and involves a strengthening of expertise in surveying and machine control for both companies.

In the future, Norsecraft will still sell Topcon machine control and has even highlighted it as one of its most important priority areas. Topcon has long set the standard of accuracy, durability, and affordability in machine control and the automation of construction equipment. The Geodesie Group will provide surveying services and services related to machine control, such as support, data transfer and control measurements for all types of customers both in Norway and Sweden.

With an exciting new company under its wing, a range of trusted and respected suppliers supporting its operations, 30 years of experience and a positive attitude to innovation, Norsecraft is heading towards an exciting future.

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