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As a family-owned entity in its third generation of management, Armaturen Wolff prides itself on the traditional values of quality and innovation on which it is founded. Created in 1945 for the production and supply of valves to the maritime and industrial sectors, the company has developed its portfolio to provide all corresponding system and plant technology, valve design and component manufacture. Originally focused on trading, Armaturen Wolff responded to the increased demand, following the Second World War, for the development of additional equipment and is now one of the only facilities in Germany to offer both trading and manufacturing under one roof. This adjustment to its services has enabled the company to build up a comprehensive portfolio and extremely broad customer base that spans across Europe and beyond. As well as being able to produce a solution that meets the majority of clients’ needs, the organisation also has strong links throughout the industry and is able to purchase or import alternative products to complement its offering such as anti-corrosion coatings.

While conventionally dedicated to its home market of Germany, the company has started to shift its focus to international markets and now has an impressive network of distributors and agents throughout the world including offices in China, South Korea, Vietnam, Russia, the Middle East, India, the US, Finland, Greece and the UK. As a result of this move, the business is continuing to see a big number of contracts from regions throughout the world. As well as working with the majority of shipyards in Germany, it also has important relationships with major Europeanshipbuilding groups and business partners particularly in Eastern Asia.

Hendrik Wolff, managing director and grandson of the company’s founder, highlights its core strengths: “Being a family-owned business has numerous benefits especially with regards to communication and customer relationships. It is possible to talk to everyone directly without having to go through different levels of bureaucracy and this is true for both external business partners and our internal staff. Whereas in a large company the process of approval can be quite cumbersome – whenever there is an order requirement or idea in Armaturen Wolff it is dealt with immediately by the person in authority. We run an open door policy and enjoy being talked to by our workforce, partners and clients.”

The company’s specialty lies within the products it manufactures itself in-house, notably valves, valve chests, mud boxes, sight glasses, flexible reach rods for the manual remote control of valves, as well as rubber expansion joints and pressure and temperature measuring technology, while its main expertise is in the field of quick-closing valve solutions. All valves are classified and approved to the highest standards and Armaturen Wolff covers everything from quick-closing and quick-opening valves to the corresponding control devices. Filtration technology is another area of specialisation and the organisation has a worldwide reputation for increasing the reliability of customers operations due to qualities such as special long-lasting corrosion protection.

Indeed, as part of its dedication to continued innovation and product development, Armaturen Wolff has recently launched a unique electric quick-closing valve system for sea-going vessels. Such systems are obligatory as they reduce risk in the case of an emergency such as an engine room fire as the fuel or lubricant lines can be closed quickly and at a safe distance. They also have to be stand-alone systems so that crew do not have to rely on general control technology being available and while traditionally pneumatic, hydraulic and manual quick-closing valve systems have met the needs of the industry, this is the first ever electrical solution. This latest innovation meets the requirements of all stringent industry standards including being stand-alone regardless of the immediate availability of electricity and comprises of an electrical control cabinet to which all individual valves are connected.

“We stand for quality in everything we do and are highly optimistic about the potential of this new innovation that has already received a great deal of interest from shipyards around the world, while we are also hoping to increase our market share in varying regions. India has proved to be a key area of development for us and we are working alongside a very motivated and professional partner to advance our activities and influence throughout the area – we are extremely positive about our successes so far,” Hendrik notes.

He concludes: “Over the coming years we want to maintain our philosophy as a traditional industry partner that is dedicated to its home market, while at the same time we are looking to broaden our horizons and increase our presence in the industrial and land-based fields, as well as in the maritime market. I even predict that with the advancement of international contacts we could expand into the production, procurement or execution of certain parts of the logistics chain in different countries.”

Recently launched a unique electrical quick-closing valve system

Looking to international markets for growth

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