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The Dutch Marine Trading Group (DMT) is a specialist in the trade, design and manufacture of a wide range of naval equipment, intended for both the domestic and foreign markets.

The company’s core business revolves around winch solutions and comprises of complete anchor, mooring and towing winch systems, which can be electric, diesel, hydraulic and electric-hydraulic, or optional self-tensioning. These winches can be delivered as complete winch complexes with control station, power pack, anchors, chains, swivels, chain stoppers and steel wire.

DMT winches are compact and solid, and designed to complement the anchor, mooring and towing arrangements, simple or combined, that exist on inland and seagoing vessels. Drawing on its in-house expertise, DMT is able to discuss the requirements of its clients at the design stage, in order to create the optimal configuration for both the shipyard and ship owner’s requirements.

The final winch system will also take into consideration the facilities on board, concerning power supply, driving facilities and available space/configuration for anchor, mooring and towing arrangements, and also the agreed classification society rules from certification boards such as Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyds Ship Register, Det Norske Veritas and Bureau Veritas. DMT engineers can also offer assistance during the installation process, if necessary.

The manufacturing of DMT winches is carried out in co-operation with subcontractors located in Romania that specialise in the production of naval equipment, or alternatively is performed in the Ukraine, by DMT’s in-house production company, which has ten years experience in this area. This approach means that DMT can offer the combination of western quality standards and the skills of a well-trained eastern European team.

The manufacturing process is kept under strict supervision and quality is upheld by daily checks at each stage, carried out by in-house inspectors. This allows DMT to guarantee absolute quality and fixed delivery times.

On request DMT is also able to supply reliable information regarding the production process, and offers clients interactive visible support in the form of digital photos or film during the production of equipment.

Before delivery takes place, the winch systems are tested and DMT also guarantees the proper functioning of the winches when they are installed on board in accordance with DMT mounting instructions, provided at delivery.

In addition to winches, DMT also delivers complete mooring and towing solutions, including coupling winches for barges, capstans, fairleads, bollards, warping rollers and quick release towing hooks, as well as deck equipment such as A-frames, manholes, hatches and cable trays among other winch options.

One of the company’s greatest accolades was its six point mooring system built specifically for the ship Nostag 10, as well as a four point mooring for the vessel Thor. Dutch Marine Trading has also equipped a military vessel for the Egyptian fleet and offshore patrol vessels for activity in Damen. At present the company is developing new projects such as its diving system design for Hytech and is delivering an increasing number of orders for waterfall winches.

DMT’s main sales office and the logistics department are based at the Romanian site, and the company also has sales offices in The Netherlands and the Ukraine. The sales team has 15 years experience in the trading of marine products and as a result DMT has established long-term client relationships.

The Romanian facility is also where the company’s design studio is based. The design work is based on specific customer requirements, and is performed by a team of highly skilled and experienced designers using 3D modelling programs. It develops both design and technical solutions, in choice of the materials, to the highest standards, as this way it can ensure its products offer a long operational lifetime.

Besides the items mentioned above, DMT also acts as intermediary for other kinds of nautical equipment – such as cranes, doors, life saving systems, rudders, thrusters and nozzles and special projects in complex constructions or parts of them, depending on customer requirements.

The special skills available from DMT have proved very popular with customers and as a result the group has equipped more than 650 inland vessels, 120 seagoing vessels and over 150 pushbarges. It has also supplied a large amount of powerful towing winches, provided to equip tug boats, especially for one of its clients – the Damen Group. Other recognised blue-chip clients of DMT include Smit International, British Petroleum, and the Aker Kvaerner Group.

DMT may already have a very impressive client list but its proactive approach means that it is constantly looking for ways to solve customers’ problems and find new markets for its high quality products. To this end, in September the group’s top management will be present on a stand at the SMM show, from 7-10 September 2010, before attending SMEM 2010.

By being present at this sort of show, DMT is able to illustrate to a wide audience how it aims to make a positive contribution to their company’s competitiveness by delivering the best possible goods and services at the most reasonable prices and on the most favourable terms.

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