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With 54 years of expertise to its name, MWB (Motorenwerke Bremerhaven) is a recognised and globally approved expert in the fields of motor, ship, system and power engineering. The company looks to provide the latest in innovative marine solutions and market-orientated developments, while persistently expanding and evolving its physical offering. At the point of its inception, the organisation’s main competence was in the repair of naval vehicle engines for the German navy until the installation of a 4500-tonne floating dock with a lifting capacity of 8500 tonnes in 1970 propelled MWB into the general marine industry. Today over 180 experienced engineers and staff work in conjunction with customers to create premier solutions that utilise the most modern technologies and meet the most stringent of certifications. Clients from across the world including industry leaders such as China Shipping, Beluga and DFDS travel to the facility on the northern coast of Germany to take advantage of its first-class pier system, docks and production halls.

With activities spread across the four main divisions of engines, ships, plant and maintenance and service, MWB is differentiated from competition by its flexibility and wide portfolio. With its homogenous strengths lying in the fields of ship technology and engine development, the company is more than a mere ship repair facility. For example, the ship division specialises in reconstructions and optimising ship-technical facilities, while its engine sector is able to handle all kinds of two- and four- stroke engines up to unit weights of 250 tonnes in its service halls, modifications of complete series, performance tests up to 5000 kilowatts and the change over of engines to gas-fuelled operations or naval alterations. Due to its wide and comprehensive offering, MWB is already fully booked for the remainder of 2010 and is experiencing increasing demand for marine modifications.

With the majority of its time being taken up with short-term repair contracts, a weekend alone can see MWB working on a 60,000 tonne tanker, a 2500 TU ship and third ship for bottom repair all in parallel. The company has also carried out challenging works on Boskalis’ specialist vessels designed specifically for covering electrical cablesutilising premier GPS equipment to reach depths of 600 metres with centimetre precision. One of its most notable contracts of late was its employment by DFDS for the extending of its three ro-ro cargo ships – Tor Begonia, Tor Freesia and Tor Ficaria – by 30 metres. Carried out last year, MWB lengthened the vessels from 200 to 230 metres with 1500 tonne sections enabling them to carry over 4700 lane metres of freight. The job with a total investment of approximately 45 million euros was distributed over less than four months for all three ships in 2009. With the work covering everything from lengthening, widening of ramps and installation of an exhaust cleaning system, as we l as general fleet optimisation, these vessels are due to continue operations on routes between Gothernburg and Immingham.

Most recently the company has gained a contract with Sea Cloud Cruises for the refit of its Sea Cloud passenger sailing ship. Due to arrive at MWB in October 2010, the vessel will undergo a major overhaul including the restoration of passenger cabins and the refurbishment of the deck and rigging. The company is responsible for incorporating the latest technology into the yacht’s design without compromising its original character as the largest private yacht of its time when built in 1931. In total, the vessel boasts 69 outside cabins, 43 deluxe cabins with bathroom facilities, 23 junior suites with veranda and three owner suites with veranda and bathroom facilities. Its additional features include a lido bar and bistro, restaurant with 180-degree panoramic view, lounge with bar, library, boutique, spa, beauty parlour, swimming platform, sun deck with jacuzzi, fitness area, hospital and elevator – representing the utmost in luxury travel. Taking four months to complete, the yacht will be ready in time to celebrate Sea Cloud’s 80th birthday in May 2011.

Juergen Gloystein, chief executive officer of MWB highlights the key behind the company’s success and his vision for the future: “We have more than doubled our revenue in the past few years partially due to these new contracts, but also because of our dedication to the market and keeping up with industry changes and demands. Though the sector has faced challenges in light of the economic crisis, we are still competitive on price and are retaining our front running position for engine and ship repair, while the offshore renewable arena has great potential. We continue to invest in our facilities and installed a new hall last year, while we have plans to implement a third dock capability in the coming years. Quite simply our vision is to increase market share over and above our strategic goal of 20 per cent.”

Aiming to increase market share to 20 per cent

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