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With origins dating back to 1947 and over 60 years of experience in the marine sector, the Novenco Group is now one of the most widely recognised experts in air conditioning solutions for the marine and offshore, land and car park, and fire fighting fields. Over 60 per cent of the company’s revenue comes from the marine sector where it has developed and evolved its portfolio to meet the latest market demands, 30 per cent comes from the land sector, with the remaining ten per cent being generated by its broad after sales capability. The organisation manages sales and contracting offices throughout the world including Denmark, Singapore, the Netherlands, China and Brazil, while production facilities are also managed in Naestved, Denmark and China.

“With regards to our marine capability our customers are all over the world – wherever there is a shipyard you will find our equipment. We have worked with all of the big names in the industry notably Maersk, Petrobras and all of the major German, Greek, Norwegian and Chinese owners, as well as shipyards such as Fincantieri in Italy, Mitsubishi in Japan, Samsung and DSME in Korea, Hudong and Guangzhou in China and many others. Whether it be an offshore platform or ship, naval vessel, special ship, yacht, cargo vessel, cruise ship or ferry, we are the number one for the design, supply and installation of air conditioning equipment and complementary services, ” Palle Kristensen, marine manager of the Novenco Group explains.

He adds: “Our core experience and essential competence has always been within the development and innovation of air conditioning solutions, while our ability to produce our own products and components in house is a key strength. We are proud of the fact that our air handling units, cabin units and cooling plants are some of the most advanced in the market and almost every ship builder has come to recognise our name over the years. One of our main differentiating features lies in our high pressure systems that offer an extremely low noise level compared to competition, a characteristic that is essential to many of our clients.”

Despite a challenging 18 months for the industry, the company is starting to see an increase in business across all three of its marine sectors. The first of these is focused on merchant ships, serving typically smaller contracts with complete air conditioning and ventilation systems, the special vessels sector covers a wide variety of vessel types from large cruise vessels to offshore supply vessels and finally the offshore area involves everything employed in offshore drilling including platforms and jack-ups. Most recently the company has gained two ferry orders from Fosen Shipyard for Fjord line for a complete air conditioning system, an order for air handling units and fans with STX France for the 3rd 135,000 gross tonnage MSC cruise ship, air conditioning packages for P59 and P60 platforms for Petrobras in Brazil and an AC-package for two windmill installation ships at DSME in Korea.

“In 95 per cent of cases, we don’t see ourselves as a product supplier but a solution provider taking care of everything from designing the equipment and start-up services to project management and installation. Our latest innovation, launched only this summer, is a computer programme we have called ‘Event’ to enable customers to manage their air conditioning solution by inputting a ship’s details such as location to completely optimise the system according to its energy consumption. We are able to write the specifications for the owner and tailor the programme so that they have the minimum pay back time possible,” Palle notes.

Such efficiency-driven technologies are a growing trend within the marine industry and as a leader in the field; the Novenco Group is continuing to develop its portfolio to meet this evolving requirement. In line with this the company has also launched a new form of axial flow fan named Zerex that is traditionally used on marine and offshore vessels. The top European fan makers have an efficiency of approximately 80 per cent, while this latest solution offers efficiency levels of 91 per cent. Not only providing clients with huge operational benefits, the fan has a pay back period of only a few months regardless of the fact that its technology may be up to 30 per cent more expensive – there is no reason why all new builds shouldn’t benefit from its market-leading credentials. Even for retrofits the payback time is from eight to 24 months, which still makes it highly attractive.

The organisation also stands to gain a great deal of business from new laws established in California, North America and Northern Europe that requires the use of a thinner, more environmentally-friendly fuel, called MGO. Many main engines struggle to start while manoeuvring or from harbour using this fuel. The Novenco Group has created a unique cooling system that will enable customers to manoeuvre without risk of losing power, which has happened to several ships in California within the last year. “For new-build vessels this will become an essential technology and over the coming months we will start to see an increasing number of retrofit contracts.

“I believe that our markets will experience rapid growth in the near future. I predict that we will see over 2000 ships ordered in advance of 2011, which is the same level as before the boom in 2006 to 2008. The offshore oil market will increase over the coming years and it has a great deal of potential for us. There will be an increasing focus on energy saving innovations for both new building and the retrofit area and owners will start to raise specification levels – we are more than well placed to meet their demands,” Palle concludes.

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