The port for all sizes

Located near the city of Pori on the coast of Finland and with a history of over 230 years, the Port of Pori is one of the most wellestablished and comprehensive port facilities in Scandinavia. As the fifth biggest commercial port and second biggest bulk port in Finland, the company’s deep passage, docks and effective services are of high international quality, while its speciality lies in the handling of all kinds of dry, liquid and general bulk cargo. The port is a full service entity consisting of the harbour Mäntyluoto and the deep-water harbour of Tahkoluoto, which has the deepest passage in Finland reaching 15.3 metres. Such a facility enables the handling of all kinds of ships travelling through the Baltic Sea and the safe navigation of such as there is no archipelago at the port’s entrance.

The chemical dock, expanded in 2008 in the Tahkoluoto facility, offers an additional service to the organisation’s already flourishing arsenal, enabling the separation of combustibles and non-combustibles to different docks at the oil and chemical harbour. Railway, as well as pipeline, connections to the oil and chemical harbour bring additional efficiencies to oil and gas customers and as a result of this investmentthe port’s handling capacity from one million to two million tonnes.

Jaako Nirhamo, director of the Port of Pori, highlights some of its most notable assets: “Our location on the coast of Finland brings numerous benefits both on the marine and land side of the business. Our navigation conditions in winter are the best in the whole of Finland as we have no island formations at the entrance to collect ice and cause additional challenges for vessels entering the port. We are extremely accessible by sea and are also able to offer clients swiftconnections to road and rail travel, while our Masa heavy lift 200-tonne crane is the strongest harbour crane in Finland. We are also able to boast the rarity of having ample space to expand and have over 200 hectares of land in immediate proximity to both Mäntyluoto and Tahkoluoto.These areas are ideal for industrial, logistical value added use and there are numerous possibilities for new business here in Pori.”

As part of its ambitious expansion strategy the Port of Pori is currently investing over 30 million euros in the development of its deepwater dock facilities. While the Mäntyluoto is already able to receive most vessels from the Baltic Sea, the fairway is due to be developed and a new 12-metre quay installed to enable even larger vessels to take advantage of the facilities. Tailored specifically to tenor and container cargo, the harbour will be able to receive ships of over 4000 TEUs. Both the new quay and fairway will be complete and in full operation by April 2011, while the company is also investing in new complementary port equipment to furnish the new facilities and two ro-ro ramps are in place ready for new business.

“This development is vital for attracting new customers, especially as vessel designs are getting bigger all the time and it is crucial to have ports with enough space and water to meet their needs. We are also renewing our traffic arrangements into the region and are building a new gatehouse to facilitate the needs of the Satakunta region customs authorities that are beginning to concentrate on the Port of Pori,” Jaakko notes.

The organisation is forever looking to form new industry partnerships to take advantage of the vast expansion opportunities it holds. The Port has further plans to advance its chemical harbour with particular focus on fire safety systems and equipment, to attract new tanker owners, as well as oil and chemical business. If a company is ready to establish business at Pori, then the Port is ready to invest. The company is already in negotiations with potential clients and is hoping to launch a strategic marketing campaign in autumn 2011.

“The Finnish market is living its own life at the moment and there are both positive and negative aspects of the industry, though we are starting to reach an encouraging stage of business. Throughout the economic crisis we have managed to retain our lucrative position in the Finnish port industry and have even started to witness some growth in our key areas.

Though we are in the middle of negotiations, there is a great deal of opportunity for success in the coming years and I think we will start to prosper with additional businesses taking advantage of our unlimited expansion potential,” Jaakko concludes.

Second biggest bulk port in Finland

200 hectares of expansion potential

Investing 30 million euros in advancing dock and quay facilities