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Located at Omastrand, in the Hardangerfjord region on the west coast of Norway, Fjellstrand is a modern shipyard facility offering premier ferry solutions to the marine industry. The organisation’s expertise lies in the development, marketing and construction of technically advanced highspeed aluminium passenger and car-carrying catamaran ferries, while the design of living quarters, superstructures, ROV hangars and other aluminium marine structures is an additional capability. With a history dating back to 1928, the company has unrivalled experience in vessel design, execution and installation with numerous portfolio changes taking place in the last 80 years. The most recent product enhancement is in the field of offshore solutions and the production of varying designs for survey, ROVs, construction and supply vessels.

Fjellstrand utilises its highly experienced workforce of over 120 employees to deliver its quality aluminium vessels, while its numerous subcontractors bring alternative knowledge and ensure that contracts are delivered on time. The yard boasts approximately 7000 square metres of heated production halls with the largest building stretching over 70 metres in length and a closed storage facility spanning over 1100 square metres. The total length of the company’s piers is over 400 metres with the 50-metre pier offering a depth of up to eight metres accompanied by a 200-tonne gantry crane, while the 100-metre and 110-metre piers host a depth of 15 metres and a 15-tonne crane.

At present the organisation’s range of vessels is divided into five main groups; the 28- to 50-metre FlyingCats (FC) 2010 range, passenger vessels including standard 30- to 50- metre FCs, car/passenger FC and JumboCat solutions, ro-ro FerryCats that have the capacity for either 120 or 240 cars, and finally the special vessel portfolio that includes the Aquacat, wind farm vessels and battery driven ferries. To take only one example of Fjellstrand’s superior solutions, the FC 40 is the successor of the most popular fast ferry model in history. The vessel is suitable for passenger capacities of between 150 and 449 people, with every centimetre of available deck being utilised for passenger space and facilities, while the aft deck offers space for luggage and light cargo. Boasting premier efficiency and reliability, the FC 40 is ideal for commuter routes all over the world, while its two waterjets each coupled to low rated diesel engines provide a high level of redundancy. Kystekspressen operates two of these FC vessel solutions between the cities of Kristiansund and Trondheim in Norway at a speed of 36 knots, utilising its commuter friendly credentials.

The new product line tailored specifically to the offshore arena contains new designs of platform supply vessels (PSV), ROV/construction units and survey vessels. The new PSV has already received several contracts for delivery throughout 2010 based on the HAVYARD 832 CD-design of a medium-sized vessel complying with both the current and future market requirements. This solution has a greater capacity than existing designs, with energy optimised diesel-electrical propulsion and compliance with the new environmental regulation for ‘Clean Design’. Having already been supplied to industry leaders such as Norside AS, P/F Supply Service and Havila Shipping, Fjellstrand has hopes that this will open up a new segment of the PSV market.

In May 2010, the organisation announced the launch of a specialised vessel for the offshore wind farm service market. Taking into account the challenging environmental and wave conditions of offshore wind farms, the strict design parameters have resulted in a vessel with greatly improved operability and manoeuvrability characteristics. Combined with a practical and safe layout, this will minimise the risks involved in transferring service personnel to and from wind turbines in challenging wave conditions. Utilising an innovative hull form, the vessel comprises a stabilised monohull (trimaran) with relatively low water plane area and large inherent damping, bringing together the best of three hull concepts. This solution boasts the familiarity and capacity of a monohull, the stability, deck area and speed of a catamaran, and the comfort, low accelerations and high operability of a SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull). The vessel has a total length of 35 metres, is able to carry 24 passengers, four crew members and has four fully equipped cabins including a sick bay. In typical Fjellstrand fashion, the size and layout of the vessel can be tailor-made and fitted out to meet customer requirements.

While continuously adding to its engineering credentials, the company’s dedication to technology and cutting-edge design guarantees that customers will receive the most efficient solution on the market. Having already delivered over 150 ferry solutions to 37 countries worldwide, while at the same time penetrating new markets, Fjellstrand is well placed for expansion and lucrative growth over the next few years.

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Recently launched a new offshore wind farm service vessel

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