Yards ahead

With 11 years of expertise to its name, K&M Yachtbuilders is a dedicated manufacturer and supplier of aluminium custom-built sailing yachts for those in the private and pleasure boat markets. With a capability to build any design up to 100 feet in length, customers are assured by the fact that their vessel will exactly meet their requirements and wishes. Based in the village of Makkum in the IJsselmeer region of the Netherlands and established in 1999 by the current owner Eeuwe Kooi, the organisation is built upon the foundations of a yard with three decades of experience in the aluminium yacht business. This historical understanding of the market combined with Eeuwe’s modern outlook creates a company that is both innovative and knowledgeable. As a specialist in the building and finishing of aluminium yachts, the company is also able to supply aluminium hulls for sailing and motor yachts up to 30 metres in length, while aluminium structures for onshore and offshore equipment is a further area of proficiency.

As a high quality market segment, K&M Yachtbuilders ensures it employs only the highest skilled shipbuilders, carpenters and marine engineers, who are able to guarantee premier results time and again. The organisation enjoys strong relationships with private customers throughout the world, many of whom repeatedly approach the company for tailor-made solutions. Enquiries frequently arrive from areas such as Australia, as well as South and North America while Holland and Germany are areas of focus for the company and it is able to name Royal Huisman Shipyard and De Vries Feadship among its regular customers for aluminium parts.

In addition to its highly modern facilities and ease of access – even by boat, Jildou Huisman, sales and marketing director of K&M Yachtbuilders, highlights the yard’s key strengths: “The Bestevaer yacht brand is built exclusively by us in collaboration with the renowned Gerard Dijkstra & Partners in Amsterdam. This is a major accolade for the company and differentiator in the market as it is a very popular brand name and we are the only shipyard permitted to construct it. Our capabilities in this product range varying from 45 to 100 feet and in a multitude of designs from spoon bow to clipper or straight bow.”

This focus on innovative design has recently been further emphasised by its new Axonite range of futuristic yachts. Inspired by Dr Who, the hull and deckhouse have been designed by Guido de Groot and are characterised by exciting movements and flowing lines. The aluminium finish of this yacht is frequently complimented for its smooth effects and while it is easy on the eye, this design is difficult to build and is testament to the skill of K&M Yachtbuilders staff.

“The highly modern and stylish Axonite line is a great addition to what we can do and what we are capable of presenting to the industry,” Jildou notes. “We work very closely with our customers to discuss their specifications and develop an appropriate quote. We appreciate that every client is different with many approaching us just to talk about ideas, while events such as the Monaco or Dusseldorf Boat Shows are vital to our progress. These industry forums give us the opportunity to gain face-to-face contact with the customers who have been emailing or calling us from around the world. They are also important for announcing our latest designs and styles, while demonstrating the quality of our aluminium yachts to peers and clients alike.”

At present the company is embarking on its longest build to date for a Dutch client planning to sail in the Mediterranean and Caribbean from Spring 2012. As the chosen yacht builder for the 88-foot classic sloop, K&M Yachtbuilders is proud of the ‘Tulip’ vessel contract that is designed by German Frers Naval Architecture to accommodate six guests and two crew members. Sinot Design, based in Eemnes will be providing the stylish interior design to fit in with the customer’s specifications.

While currently focusing on the launch of its new products, K&M Yachtbuilders is busy with the construction of a new 45-foot Bestevaer alongside a 49-foot and two 55-foot Bestevaers, the refit of a 73-foot vessel and is receiving orders for its 56-foot design. For the future, the organisation is hoping to target Scandinavia for continued growth while a classic luxury yacht dealer in Italy will bring additional business. “Over the coming years we have aims to increase our offering from five yachts a year to over seven and hope to start forging a name for ourselves around the 69 and 88-foot yacht arenas. We are highly optimistic about the future, especially with regards to our new Axonite line that will pave the way for ultra modern yachts from K&M Yachtbuilders,” Jildou concludes.

Specialist in aluminium luxury yachts

New Axonite yacht designed by Guido de Groot

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