On the map

Having started operations as a local source of transportation for school children in 1956, L. Rødne & Sønner AS has grown to become one of Norway’s largest shipping companies and is today owned by ten members of the Rødne family. Specialising in the operation of small yet high-speed passenger ferries, the organisation’s fleet of 15 boats supply local transport services to the transport authorities of Kolumbus and Skyss in the Rogaland and Hordaland regions of the country, while at the same time managing ambulance boats for the Stavanger Hospital Trust, Fonna Hospital Trust and Bergen Hospital Trust on the west coast. An increasing amount of tourist activity on the Lysefjord is a further area of business.

Staying close to its Norwegian roots, the organisation is headquartered in the rural Finnøy district, while its nearby workshop carries out the majority of boat maintenance onsite. The sales office in Stavanger, however, is ideally located for the sales and marketing of L. Rødne & Sønner’s sightseeing and charter tours, the most popular of which are the tours on the Lysefjord that have continuously gained business since the early 1970s.

With the fjords of Norway having been declared to be some of the finest unspoiled travel destinations in the world, the Lysefjord and Pulpit Rock tours take place all year round and embark as soon as there are 15 passengers ready to depart. Charter trips on the other hand are founded on years of experience in the cruise and leisure industry with trips being tailored to clients depending on demand. From sightseeing and team building to conferences and corporate tours, L. Rødne & Sønner ensures everything is in place to make the voyage a success. Throughout the year the company also offers a host of special tours including a boat trip to Baroniet Rosendal, Midsummer Eve tour and cultural cruise.

Working alongside and in close conjunction with the local tourist industry, the company is able to adapt its services to meet the expectations and needs of those living in, or visiting the local region. An express boat from Bergen to Rosendal, for example, departs regularly on a daily basis all year round and boasts connections with bus services from Flesland airport. An Express ski boat and football boat, on the other hand, transport fans from either Stavanger to the snow resort of Sauda or from numerous locations to the Stavanger stadium the home arena of the Vikings.

The 15-strong fleet of Rødne Fjord Cruise branded blue and white ferry vessels, 13 of which are fast ferries, are custom made to ideally meet the needs of the passenger and leisure industry. The Rygerfjord, Rygerspeed, Rygerkongen, Rygerfonn, Rygerkatt, Rygercruise, Rygerbuen, Rygerstril, Rygerdoktoren and Rygeraa boats are all named and inspired by the Vikings who came from the Ryfylke region, while the Clipper, Lyse Ekspress, Concorde and Sølyst make up the remainder of the portfolio and Øybuen is an externally hired vessel. To make an example of its capabilities, the Rygerkatt is a modern 18.5-metre catamaran boasting a spacious open plan lounge and kiosk area with suitable wheelchair access and good deck space for obtaining the best view of the surroundings. Built by the Brødrene Aa construction yard in 2003, the vessel consists of a carbon fibre sandwich and vinyl ester design while hosting two 60 series Detroit diesel engines. Daily services between Ryfylke and Stavanger make up the majority of its business, while its capacity for 70 passengers and speed of up to 25 knots gives it ultimate efficiency.

One of the largest vessels is the 23-metre Rygerkongen that has capacity for over 130 passengers, while travelling at speeds up to 30 knots powered by two 749-kilowatt engines. It is important to note that Brødrene Aa has been the contractor for a great many of L. Rødne & Sønner’s ferries and is a specialist in the development of carbon fibre fast boats with over 63 years of experience to its name.

In the past few years, L. Rødne & Sønner has benefitted greatly from its subcontracting association with Tide AS, which is part of the Tide ASA group. This entity is one of the nation’s largest public companies engaged in the management of scheduled bus and fast ferry traffic, employing over 3500 to operate and manage its 1300 buses and 80 ferries and express boats. In 2009 Tide AS started the operation of fast ferries and boats on the inner Oslofjord including routes between Nesodden and Aker Brygge, while in 2011 it has plans to expand its influence into north Troms.

With a family-orientated approach and high quality credentials at the core of its operational philosophy, L. Rødne & Sønner has always had a strong platform for growth and development. Forever focused on the demands and requirements of its customers, the company is able survive the troughs of the winter off-peak season while preparing for the excitement of the summer. For 2011 the organisation has plans to increase the tourist aspect of the business through further investment – there is no doubt that it will remain firmly on the map for many years to come.

One of the leading express shipping companies in Norway

Expertly designed fleet of 15 vessels

Expanding in the tourist side of the business