Alarming potential

Uni-Safe Electronics is a Danish manufacturer of electronic communication and measuring systems for use onboard ship bridges. At the core of the company’s product range is the Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS), designed to alert captains and other bridge crew to potential operator errors. It also manufactures three different models of salinometers, for measuring the salinity of fresh water produced from the distillation of seawater.

Established in 1993 with the takeover of the Marine Department of Dansk Radio by Uni-Safe A/S, director Torben Thorsen brought with him the agencies that formerly worked with Dansk Radio to give the new company a running start. In 2000 it was recognised as a Gazelle company for its dynamic growth, one of only 970 that year throughout the whole of Denmark. The company achieved this award again in 2008.

Marketing manager Heidi Larsen explains more about the company: “Our customers represent a wide range of different companies all over the world within the maritime industry. They consist of ship owners, shipyards, shipping companies and the Danish Ministry for Defence. We sell the BNWAS and salinometers to over 37 countries around the world, though continue to look for new business partners internationally.”

Uni-Safe Electronics recently launched the most recent version of its BNWAS, the BW-800. This unit works by monitoring the awareness of the Officer of the Watch (OOW) through motion sensors; each time motion is detected, the BNWAS internal timer is reset. Should the OOW become unable to perform duties, it alerts the Captain or another officer. It also provides the OOW with a means of calling for immediate assistance should this be required. Manufactured to comply with new IEC 62616 standards, it is also a cost effective unit designed for ease of installation into vessels of any age.

The company also has its own range of salinometers, for supervising the filtration of seawater into fresh water on board vessels. This is a product that the company has been producing since its establishment as Elektromekano in the 1950s, starting with the SL-1. Today there are two models available: SL6005, SL6000 and a scanning unit SB4000. The SL6005 and SL6000 are wall or panel mounted monitor devices displaying salinity values whilst the SB4000 is a scanning unit that allows for the monitoring of up to four electrodes, responsible for measuring conductivity.

Despite the market for bridge monitoring being a crowded one, Uni-Safe Electronics has managed to achieve success due to a number of factors. Heidi highlights the company’s strengths: “We have sold our own products worldwide for more than 17 years and therefore we already have a solid customer base globally. Having delivered more than 800 BNWAS systems over the past eight years, our in-depth knowledge of how the systems operate has helped us deliver excellent customer service to this base. Furthermore, we always keep stock of our main products and therefore are able to supply our products to clients on very short notice.”

In addition to its own range, Uni-Safe Electronics is also a reseller of devices into
the Danish market. These include distress signalling products by Jotron, internal communications systems by Phontech, television reception aerials by Naval, radio antennas by Comrod, numerous hand radios by Motorola and PLBs by Sea Marshall.

Heidi is confident for the immediate future of Uni-Safe Electronics and its products: “At the moment we are expanding our agent network worldwide and are still looking for new business partners to help make the BW-800 system the number one preferred BNWAS brand in the world. We are facing hard competition, as there are many other companies that are producing BNWAS, but we believe in our product. To help further extend its usability, we are currently developing an extra feature for the system – bridge wing units. Furthermore, we are about to begin development for a new type of salinometer.”

She concludes: “Our vision is to be the market leader selling a good and reliable product that will satisfy the requirements of our customers. We also aim to further develop our BNWAS and salinometers to maintain a high level quality, and are looking into new markets and try to satisfy the requirements of the maritime sector.”

Newly developed bridge navigational watch alarm system

Reseller of international marine safety products

Over 17 years experience in the market