Building on tradition

With over 300 years of experience behind it, Erlenbacher Schiffswerft Maschinen and Stahlbau GmbH (Erlenbacher shipyard machinery and steel) has a long history stretching back to the early 1700s. Today located in Erlenbach am Main in Germany, at its inception the company was situated on the other side of the River Main in Wörth. In 1830 following the opening of the Aschaffenburg-Miltenberg railway, the shipping industry suffered and this translated into smaller volumes in shipbuilding. Despite this the yard continued to thrive and in the 1890s, having previously constructed vessels out of timber, moved into using iron for shipbuilding following the trend for technical progress. As the shipping industry continued to develop, the company’s facilities became too small to accommodate the specifications of modern vessels and in 1918 it moved across the river to Erlenbacher am Main. Following this move the business has continued to go from strength to strength with substantial levels of growth and a commitment to quality across its service portfolio.

Today Erlenbacher is a leading example of a modern shipyard, with two main business focuses – new builds, and repairs, maintenance and conversion services. Utilising its engine installation, warehousing and steel fabrication facilities, Erlenbacher is able to adapt its services to all types of vessels. Demand is high with the yard continuously running projects, some of which include the complete rebuild and renewal of certain vessels.

Erlenbacher has also undertaken a conversion of one Pushboat D2 vessel, with a renewal of the wheelhouse, housing and complete engine room, including the main engine, transmission and steering. One clear area of proficiency is in the installation of propellers and adjustment of propeller tunnels with Erlenbacher completing projects in this area on four different vessels. Other notable capabilities include stern tube seal, main engine installation, vessel extension, ship broadening, construction and installation of a flat stern, and deck renovation.

Certainly it is apparent that there are a number of synergies and complimentary skills between this division and the company’s other area of expertise in the full construction of new build vessels. One of Erlenbacher’s most recently completed new build projects was for the tanker ‘Montana’ – a vessel designed for inland navigation and along the Belgian coast. With a length of approximately 121 metres and a width of close to 12 metres, the “MONTANA” has an overall load capacity of 4552 cubic metres. Built for Seatra Bvba in Belgium, the completed vessel was delivered in September 2010. Other projects include the self-propelled vessel, ‘LORENZ KRIEGER Sen’ for Heinrich Krieger KG, which has a capacity of 2580 tonnes and the construction of the tanker vessel ‘MOINOS’, ‘MAINTAL’ and ‘RHEINTAL’. Delivered to MTS in Wörth, the vessels have 1325 kW at 1600 revolutions a minute (rpm) and a tank capacity of approximately 3200 cubic metres.

The vessels ‘HIRSCHHORN’, ‘STOLZENECK’, ‘DILSBERG’, ‘AARBURG’ are inland container ships measuring 135 metres in length, and 1145 metres in width, with a capacity of 2700 tonnes. Within these new build vessels, Erlenbacher installed the external board connections, shaft and steering gear, alongside the main engine, which produces 1325kW at 1800 rpm. At the other end of the spectrum, the yard has constructed two 17-metre pilot boats for SPA Abu Dhabi, which can reach speeds of 31 knots. The variety of Erlenbacher’s reference list reflects the broad spectrum of its clients, which are concentrated in the local European market although the company has completed projects from further afield.

With such a long tradition of shipbuilding behind it, and numerous completed projects, Erlenbacher continues to provide a certain level of service quality. Having been present in the market for such a long time, Erlenbacher is well aware of the challenges and developing nature of the shipping industry, and as such continues to adapt in line with this. Able to apply its core competencies to any type of vessel, the company has developed a leading position in the shipping industry, one that it aims to maintain in the years ahead.

300-year history

New build, repair and conversion capabilities

Accommodates all types of vessels