Thrust is a must
Working on inland waterway vessels since 1967, De Gerlien-van Tiem shipyard is a family-owned business specialising in the fields of ship repairs, bow thrusters, steering rods and shipbuilding. Its own private harbour, set in spacious business premises with easy-to-reach mooring quays along the Dutch river Waal, features all the facilities required to suit the modern requirements of clients. Its three docks are equipped to allow for every part of the vessel to be lifted out of the water and also feature two 55 metre long working pontoons, five tower cranes and two production halls, one of which is specifically for the production of bow thrusters. Tasks that can be carried out at these docks include propeller changes, propeller shaft repairs and replacements, replacing or installing rudders, tunnel adjustments and fitting nozzles.

With years of experience in the shipping industry De Gerlien-van Tiem is very familiar with all areas of ship repair, maintenance and conversions and can provide a range of services and products to deal with every situation, from minor damage repairs to complete vessel overhauls. Conversions can be provided on all manner of vessels from hopper barges to tankers or freighters. Survey work can be carried out on tankers and cargo carriers of any kind can have work carried out to raise cargo trunks, renew steel flooring within their holds or install steelwork such as livestock decks and semi-floating tanks. Where accommodation is required, complete units can be built from scratch while total overhauls of propeller shaft installations and main engines are also available. If a bespoke service is required it can be provided through delivery and fitting of specified steering gear installations, rudders and generators as well as various tank and pipe systems.

De Gerlien-van Tiem has built up an exceptional reputation as a quality shipyard and this owes much to its manufacture of reliable bow thruster installations. These are available in power ratings from 60 to 1000 HP and come with a steering grid that is protected against seizing. The complete installation is carried out by the company’s own craftsmen, taking only five working days to finish and can be delivered as a completely assembled kit or installed on site wherever the job is, be it in the Netherlands or abroad. Reliable in use, simple in operation, compact and very powerful, De Gerlien-van Tiem’s bow thrusters have been a driving force at the bow of coasters and inland ships since 1985. Today it is a trademark service of the company and more than 1200 of the thrusters are in operation making it the leading producer to the inland shipping industry.

Since 1995, De Gerlien-van Tiem has been active in the field of shipbuilding, a logical progression for a company with such intricate knowledge of ship repairs and renovations. Work quickly began on building a new work pontoon equipped with a full stocked workshop, state-of-the-art machinery and space that allows for ships up to 135 metres long to easily moor. This comprehensive set up has been created to allow for a number of different ship types to be completely assembled and fitted with all the required products and appliances. These can be container ships, tankers, hopper barges or passenger vessels and with the help of specialised, approved suppliers each hull is converted into a reliable, modern vessel ready for inland navigation. This displays one of the big strengths of the company, its ability to provide the complete turnkey delivery of a fully assembled vessel through an everything-under-one- roof approach that cuts time and reduces costs to minimum levels. Its commitment to customer care is further proven with its promise that if a client decides to embark on a project with De Gerlien-van Tiem it can provide housing for the client and their family whilst the project is being completed.

Knowing how vital great quality and service is to its customers, De Gerlien-van Tiem’s business revolves around the idea of reliability in everything it does and believing that it can never do too much to ensure quality is always provided. Optimum attention to the job is provided not just during the process, but before and after the work has taken place with technical and commercial advice given throughout. All repairs and conversions are guaranteed to be neatly finished and handled with the utmost care by professionals and craftsmen with years of experience in their trade. Yet it knows that prevention of accidents and damage is vital and therefore a great amount of time and effort is placed into developing solutions that can reduce the risk of problems occurring. This attitude to shipping aims to give its customers a sense of security and peace of mind throughout their relationship with De Gerlien-van Tiem, an attitude that can only aid its growth plans to expand further throughout Europe over the next several years.

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