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The Hareid Group is a collection of largely Norwegian companies focused on electrical engineering services for the maritime, construction and consumer sectors. Located in the Hareid municipality on Norway’s north west coast amongst one of the country’s most vibrant shipping communities, the group has more than six decades of experience in the industry and has built on this history to deliver high quality products and services today. Reinforcing this commitment, a new company has recently been established in conjunction with Kleven Maritime – Kleven Maritime Technology, specialising in conceptual development and innovative engineering.

CEO Ronald Dyrhol gives a background to the group: “The mother company, Hareid Elektriske AS, was established on 1st March 1950 and has developed significantly over the years. Today it is a locally owned company consisting of 11 firms and 320 employees, with activity and local subsidiaries in several places along the west coast of Norway, Denmark and Poland. The group’s main business areas are aimed at the electrical installation and equipment market within both industrial and maritime sectors as well as trading in consumer electronics.”

Four of these 11 businesses are focused on the marine sector: Hareid Elektriske Teknikk, HG Marine Electronics, HG Electric and Marine Electro Services (MES) Sp. Each of these companies, as well as all other companies in Hareid Group, operates as an independent entity, each having individual focus on the delivery of its own production and financial targets.

Hareid Elektriske Teknikk is the largest of the 11 firms and is involved in projects from the initial design stage through to the installation, using its own workshop to provide ship installation, electrical services and switchboard products for use on ships. The other three are more specialised, with HG Marine Electronicsfocusing on the development and installation of new electronic equipment, whilst HG Electric in Denmark and Poland-based MES Sp provide general ship renovation and maintenance.

“We are a complete supplier of electrical and electronics services,” says Ronald. “We have expertise in the whole supply field, high levels of experience in project management and are reputed as a flexible, fast and reliable supplier. Through the knowledge of our staff and the delivery programmes contained within the companies, we give our customers a significant advantage in their respective fields. We pride ourselves on our employees’ constant professionalism. Employees are the group’s most valued resource because they lay the foundation for our success and enable us to offer professionalism at all levels.”

Due to its location within the shipping hub on Norway’s northwest coast, Hareid Group has many customers making use of these services in the local region, but its reputation has led it to receiving business from ship owners and fisheries across the world. One of its largest and most important customers, though, is shipyard Kleven Maritime to which it suppliers both products and expertise.

The close relationship between these two companies was bound tighter last year following a joint venture. “Together with Kleven Maritime AS, we have established the company Kleven Maritime Technology AS,” Ronald explains. “This company will be an important part of our international commitments and a common environment for innovation for both Hareid Group and Kleven Maritime.” Hareid Group holds a 49 per cent stake in the enterprise.

This partnership has been forged on the back of a good year for the group. Despite a slump throughout much of the industry and economy in general, Hareid Group has done well in not only maintaining its business but also in increasing the equity holdings for three of its companies. This will give the group as a whole the opportunity to better manage development, gain synergies and consequently provide customers with improved solutions.

What this means is that the group is more ready than ever to tackle the challenges of the tomorrow. Ronald highlights the groups’ plans for the future: “Our main priorities over the next few years are the international service and aftersales market, particularly in the emerging economies of Brazil and east Asia. These are the regions where our primary customers – offshore ship owners – have established themselves and conduct a growing part of their activity.

“In terms of onshore business, the growing market for energy efficient and green business opportunities give plenty of possibilities. The prospects are very good and there is a considerable potential for all our companies. Overall, we expect to have a stable growth throughout all of our existing markets whilst seeing significant development potential in these new areas.”

He concludes with confidence in Hareid Group’s future: “Our main field of activities are in the maritime industry and particularly the offshore sector, where our order book for 2011 and 2012 is filled and on budget. The industry is currently undergoing regeneration following the crisis and we will be there to work with our partners both locally and globally.”

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Collection of 11 specialist firms

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