Industrial strength

Frydenbø Industri is a collection of seven companies deeply involved with various aspects of the Norwegian shipping and marine sector with services ranging from engineering to vessel broking. It is itself a division of the Frydenbø Group, which has a history stretching back to the First World War when it began manufacturing vessel parts such as capstans, deck sweepers and life rafts. A record of ingenuity and patents throughout the decades saw the company grow in size and reputation, but following a recession in the late 1970s it chose to branch into onshore markets and invested into the automobile industry. In 2011 Fredenbø AS is the Group’s primary contact point for automobiles, Frydenbø Eieindom centres around real estate and architecture services and Industri remains dedicated to the Group’s offshore roots.

The seven companies that comprise Industri are: Frydenbø Power, product and service supplier for diesel engines, propulsion systems, generator sets and turbo chargers; ship inspection, broking and yard agency firm Frydenbø Marine Services; Frydenbø Sabb Motor, a supplier of recognised diesel engines and in-house manufactured hydraulic gearing as well as a repair and maintenance co-ordinator; importer and distributor Frydenbø Marine Equipment responsible for supplying the other Industri companies; Frydenbø Electric, providing electromechanical sales and services; spare parts merchant Christen Sale & Co; and Schottel GmbH & Co, a propulsion and steering equipment manufacturer in which Industri has 15 per cent shares.

Established in 1929 as William Knudsen, Frydenbø Power is located north east of Oslo in a 2800 square metre facility supplying Diesel ABC, AGCO Sisu Power and Deutz products to the maritime industry including diesel engines and generators sets ranging between ten and 3300 kilowatts. For more than 15 years it has also been a Norwegian distributor for Schottel rudders, propellers, pump jets, thrusters and combi drives; this service led to Industri’s acquisition of 15.4 per cent of Schottel in April 2007. Other products available include in-house turbo chargers, Proventia catalysts, water treatment systems, and energy optimisation equipment from Aqua Metro, Marorka and Eniram. Furthermore, it also provides an emergency maintenance and repair service, fuel equipment reconditioning, general component overhauls and spare parts supply.

Frydenbø Marine Services is a yard agency business that seeks to give Norwegian vessels throughout the world access to repair, maintenance and marine surveying services wherever they might be. In this respect it represents yards located on every continent in the world except Australasia. It also specialises in newbuild and hull brokerage, possessing a network of experts in both construction and sales that will work with clients from initial design phase through to payment and delivery. Other services includes providing experienced surveyors for condition and damage surveyors, ultrasonic tightness testing for hatches and doors, access to skilled labour and site management for newbuild projects.

Since 1925, Damsgaard Motorfabrik has produced high-quality maritime engines. The company changed its name to SABB Motor AS in 1971 and, following acquisition by Industri in October 2006, was renamed Frydenbø Sabb Motor. It supplies two types of engines for use by small craft: FPT / Iveco range sized between 20 and 825 horsepower, and the Lister Petter range sized between 20 and 55 horsepower; also available are in-house manufactured hydraulic controllable pitch propeller (CPP) gearing. These are available through an international network of dealers located in Europe and the US.

Bergen-based Frydenbø Electric is an electromechanical servicing agent providing calibration, testing, analysis and thermal photography to ensure that vessels’ internal systems are running at maximum efficiency. Should clients needs repairs or replacements, however, its team of 20 comprises expert electricians, automation engineers, developers and mechanics that can carry out all necessary repairs. The company’s facilities possess a seven metre draught dock, a wide range of parts procured through Frydenbø Marine Equipment, and machines for welding, turning, milling and power generation.

Together, this collection of companies represents the Industri name and its core values of enthusiasm, honesty and responsibility. It has seen much market success over the last two years, having acquired North Sea Drilling Group, Christen Sale & Co as well Delta Marine AS, whilst in June 2010 the division – alongside sister Frydenbø Eiendom – began a collaboration with maritime industrialists Bergen Group. A 1.26 acre site was acquired on Bergen Group Hanøytangen’s installation yards where Industri will eventually move several parts of its business.

Having long had the aim of expanding its companies’ business outward and upward, these new acquisitions provide a firm stepping stone from which to go on. Its wide range of products and services make it an admirable partner for any circumstance. Furthermore, Frydenbø Group’s integrated support between divisions means that, as it grows organically and systematically, a bright future for the parent company assures a bright future for Frydenbø Industri.

Wide range of products and services
Extensive experience throughout onshore and offshore sectors
Has the support of a much wider network