Lean and green

“Høyergruppen’s history dates all the way back to 1816, when its founding father Niels Pedersen established a trading house in Skien, Norway,” explains Per Berget, managing director of Hoyerpool, the name given to the fleet of vessels the company has brought together under one name. “Throughout its existence the company has been involved in various fields of the shipping industry. In the 1970s it was mainly into shipowning before the market focus changed during the 1980s and 1990s and the company moved into competitive brokering operations.

“From its offset the company has operated as an agency and had a forwarding division, which remains a prominent part of the business. In 1984, the merger of three companies gave birth to the Høyergruppen name with the company’s goal being to take the combined knowledge and experience it had and use it to build a leading organisation in the marine industry. Since the turn of the century the company has returned to the business of shipowning and has in co-operation with Kopervik Shipping AS built up a fleet of nine general bulk vessels ranging in size from 3000 to 3600 mts dead weight cargo capacity (DWCC).”

Three central areas of the business are its chartering, agency and forwarding departments. Within Høyergruppen’s chartering department its experienced and highly motivated staff are ready at all times to meet its customers demands with the commitment and dedication needed to resolve and find the best solution to meet specific transport requirements. With extensive knowledge, and by paying particular attention to detail, the chartering department works in close co-operation with its subsidiaries to offer the innovative, tailor made services that form a complete transport package.

Operating out of the port of Grenland, the largest in Norway in terms of goods turnover, Høyergruppen’s agency department attends the majority of public and private quays in the region that facilitate bulk terminals, ro-ro terminals, grain silos and general cargoes. On average some 3000 merchant vessels per year call upon the port, and the agency department is available at all times to provide a first class service that facilitates the efficient turnaround of vessels. Services the department provides include general clearance, bunkering, spare parts, crew change, repairs and documentation. Working alongside its affiliates, Høyergruppen’s forwarding division offer individually structured solutions to its customers’ transportation requirements and needs, for example warehousing, project management, custom clearances, market research and consulting services.

“The company has a long history and over the years has accumulated a great deal of industry know-how and local knowledge that it puts to effective use when customising solutions for its clients,” Per says, highlighting Høyergruppen’s unique selling points. “It also possesses the ability to adapt very quickly to changes within the industry, which is obviously to its advantage. Being a fairly small organisation, Høyergruppen has a level of flexibility that means it doesn’t require too much work for it to change course and approach other operational avenues. The structure of the company means that it has a relatively short chain of command that allows it to absorb ideas and implement them very fast. However, the most important ingredient that makes up the success of the company has to be its people. They are the source of the company’s strength and are the ones who power the achievements it makes on a day-to-day basis.”

One aspect of the organisation Per is very keen to point out is its formation of the Hoyerpool fleet of vessels: “These vessels are accredited to the latest ISO 14001 certification, highlighting the efforts that have been made to reduce the impact the fleet has on the environment; in fact, it is the world’s only fleet in the 3000 to 3600 mts DWCC range possessing ISO 14001. The company has always paid special attention to the environment and, as it moves into the future, will shape its operations to be increasingly eco-friendly.”

As Per states, times have been tough for the marine industry in recent years and therefore it has become essential for companies like Høyergruppen to concentrate on the strengths that made them successful in the first place: “In today’s climate it is essential that companies fulfil their obligations, first and foremost. At the moment, we run a very cost-efficient fleet and, despite difficult market situations, have averaged good results when compared with similar shipowners. Looking forward, the positive is that it is definitely a question of when, not if, the industry will return to pre-recessions levels of activity and in this regard Høyergruppen is in the correct position to grasp opportunities as they arise.

“Høyergruppen has a very good reputation in the market for being able to run vessels and deliver solutions to its customers expectations, for which we must thank good technical management in Kopervik Shipping AS. We now have a number of projects and ideas in the pipeline and will continue to focus on expanding the ship owning side of the organisation by attracting owners to join the growing Hoyerpool fleet of green vessels.”

Operating in Norway for almost 200 years
Expert supplier of marine services
Owner of an eco-friendly fleet of vessels