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Huisman Elektrotechniek is the umbrella name for a group of companies offering electrical engineering services, including to the commercial marine sector through its Huisman Maritime division. Huisman Elektrotechniek’s flat organisational structure comprises 300 engineers, technicians, IT staff and project leaders, all dedicated to providing luxury yachts, dredgers, oil platforms, tankers and other seafaring vessels with complete internal electrical networks. Similar services are offered to a number of other onshore industries as well. Recently, the company produced the innovative Huisman Diagnosis System, a centralised control panel for all the ship’s systems, thereby further cementing its position at the market’s cutting edge.

Huisman Elektrotechniek’s service portfolio runs the gamut of ship’s electrical needs, from tank alarms and gas and fire detection arrays to cameras and satellite tracking systems; furthermore, the company will undertake complete project management, inspection, testing and optimisation for its clients. The company has its own facilities located in Druten, Nijmegen and Elst, the Netherlands, but often travels throughout the world to offer these services to clients where they are required; in some cases, it has even chartered private jets to reach the customer. To really drive this overarching support home a 24-hour, 365 days a year repair service is available.

Given the areas it operates in, remaining at the forefront of technology is crucial in maintaining a company’s position at the top of the market, and so Huisman Elektrotechniek has a strong in-house research and development team whose latest innovation is the aforementioned proprietary Huisman Diagnosis System, a means by which the captain is able to keep complete control of all electrical engineering system on board. It displays real time performance benchmarks, monitors for faults, and even enables remote access for Huisman Elektrotechniek’s own technicians to analyse and resolve problems from shore. Another important step forward made by the company is its inclusion of commercial technology into ships’ systems. For example, luxury yachts can now have their complete domotic – or automated household – systems including lighting, entertainment and security, controlled via iPad.

This type of dedication to innovation quality has been a key factor in ongoing success. Last year, Huisman Elektrotechniek won the Best Managed Companies title, awarded by Deloitte in conjunction with the Netherlands’ Chamber of Commerce. This award is recognition of a company’s capabilities for growth, strategy and policy, organisation, structural processes and corporate identity. Having achieved this acclaim in 2010, Huisman Elektrotechniek worked on improving highlighted areas for improvement and reaffirms its position in 2011 – an impressive feat when considering its competition includes some of the biggest firms in the country.

However, staff quality exists at every corner of the organisation. Whether working on vessels where safety is of the utmost importance – oil platforms, tankers – or where client expectation is particularly high – luxury yachts – it is absolutely necessary for onboard electrical systems to be installed perfectly and on time.

There are many challenges to this, such as having to work with incredibly confined spaces where every square centimetre counts, but the expertise of Huisman Elektrotechniek’s engineers means these rarely become obstacles. A comprehensive knowledge of components and electrical topology is essential when every vessel presents its own unique systems, and the company maintains a system of filtering down practical knowledge from more experienced technicians to younger employees to ensure its presence throughout the business. Also crucial to the overall delivery of a project are the office staff, which scout out opportunities as well as devise solutions for logistic and sales issues that may arise.

Huisman Maritime is part of the wider Huisman Group, comprised of five other companies: Huisman Elektrotechniek, Huisman Services, Huisman Panelbuilding, Huisman Innovations and holdings company Huisman Group BV. Whilst some of these are also involved in the maritime industry, they have also taken the skills learned here and applied them to products for other markets including food, construction and wind energy. Much like the tight-knit relationship between individual staff, the close connection between all the Group’s divisions ensures the best of any industry is incorporated into the practices of Huisman Group.

Combined, these have proved a successful formula for the company. Awards aside, it is the scope and number of projects it is involved with that illustrates its competence. Recent projects include a passenger ferry, luxury yachts ranging in size from 55 to 90 metres, a dredger, and even the world’s largest navigation tanker vessel. Nonetheless, the company is always looking to improve itself with a constant focus on expanding its service range, product quality and of course customer relations. For the future, then, with a wealth of backing from its sister divisions and parent company, Huisman Maritime’s future looks to continue flying high.

Innovative methods and technology
Tight-knit team of expert engineers
Offers complete installation and aftersales services