Maintaining standards

A modern and well-equipped shipyard, Oskarshamnsvarvet is able to cater for the repairs and conversions of marine vessels whilst also specialising in subcontracted work: “There has been a shipyard at this location ever since 1863,” states Lars Almquist, chief executive officer of Oskarshamnsvarvet.

In its near 150 year history the facility has been responsible for the production of a massive number of vessels and subcontract commissions: “At the peak of its operations in the years between 1960 and 1970 the shipyard employed approximately 900 people,” Lars explains. “However during the early 1980s the shipyard was reduced to almost nothing following an economic collapse in the local maritime industry. Against all the odds the shipyard survived these trying times and in 1992 was made a privately owned company when it was acquired by Swedeship. Today it employs a workforce of around 60 experienced marine vessel specialists who possess the knowledge and capability needed to undertake large and demanding assignments.”

Since its foundation the company has built, repaired and maintained substantial parts of the Swedish coastal fleet. Most famously the M/S Enköping, the oldest passenger vessel in the world according to Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, was built at Oskarshamn’s shipyard in 1868. Modern operations at the yard specialise in the service and maintenance of vessels of differing sizes. With the only floating dock on Sweden’s east coast, Oskarshamnsvarvet’s unique drydocking and launching system means it is able to work on advanced lengthening and reconditioning projects.

Oskarshamnsvarvet’s customers within the shipping sector value the high quality of work it undertakes on a routine basis. Thanks to the work carried out at the shipyard a number of these customers’ vessels have returned to service with an extended lifespan as a result of being rejuvenated and modified. As part of the shipyard’s day-to-day method of operating it has also been possible to continuously improve upon personnel safety, operational reliability and onboard comfort.

At the heart of Oskarshamnsvarvet’s subcontracting work is its production hall. Measuring 45 by 32 metres, it has a lifting capacity of 80 tonnes and has 20 metres of clearance space beneath its crane hooks. Within the hall the company works on both large and heavy constructions and with its spacious premises and high lifting capacity it can work on even the bulkiest of projects. Located nearby is a smaller production hall with a lifting capacity of 16 tonnes, six metres of clearance space, a sandblasting unit, a painting facility and an area specifically for tools and materials.

Subcontracted assignments completed in Oskarshamnsvarvet’s flexible production halls include those utilising MultiDocker knuckle boom cradles that have first been completely assembled and tested according to the individual requirements of the customer. The company’s experienced personnel are fully trained to deal with all manner of products, and together with its fast decision-making process, Oskarshamnsvarvet guarantees that its customers products are always delivered on time, at the right price and to the highest standard of quality. The flexible production of complete steel structures, using the smallest number of subcontractors, ensures the right deliveries are made at a favourable price as part of a better total solution.

At Oskarshamnsvarvet there exists a long tradition of working on subcontracts made from steel and sheet metal. Since the middle of the twentieth century the company has made a concerted effort to expand the subcontracting component of its operation to achieve a more efficient use of personnel and equipment. Coupling this effort with the vast experience acquired from decades of working on boats the company has progressed to a stage where it has the facilities and materials to service the wider industrial sector with large and heavy steel plates.

Oskarshamnsvarvet also has logistics covered, with transport to and from the yard supplied by both road and sea. Its own 316 metre long wharf provides a depth of eight metres and allows the company to receive most vessels that work along the Baltic coastline. The wharf provides the advantages of fast and secure deliveries and the opportunity for customers to continue on to any other port in the world. When moving by road, the company is able to use traversing cranes to move heavy and cumbersome loads from the halls directly into trailers.

“Business in the last two years or so has been very difficult as a result of the financial climate, however it is now being seen more and more that shipping companies are again willing to invest in new vessels and new programmes,” Lars highlights, before looking ahead at how the company wants to approach the next several years. “The company has a very solid order situation and at some point down the road it hopes to increase its workforce to approximately 80 people. By sticking to the strategy of building and maintaining good relationships with clients, Oskarshamnsvarvet can be confident that it will build on its success, offering a range of services and solutions.”

Specialists in marine vessel repairs and conversions
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150 years of rich maritime history