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Situated in the south of Sweden, an hours drive from Malmö and Copenhagen, ScanMarine was formed in the 1980s by members of several Swedish shipyards. An exclusive interior outfitter and turnkey contractor for the worldwide shipbuilding industry, ScanMarine’s clients are ship owners and shipyards that seek out the company to conduct minor and major new-builds and conversions, as well as carry out refurbishment contracts.

“ScanMarine delivers turnkey interior solutions for all kinds of vessels,” explains Suljo Sahbegovic, project manager for ScanMarine. “The scope of supply runs from construction design and material delivery through to onboard installations. Also included in the solution are services such as project management, engineering, planning, documentation, class approvals and logistic arrangements.

“A typical job begins when the company is contacted by a shipyard or ship owner in need of a partial or complete refit, often required in a short space of time of between four and 12 weeks. In most cases the interior that needs work will be around 20 years old, out of fashion and often in need of a fresh layout. Once an interior architect makes basic designs and completes material specifications, ScanMarine steps in, making detailed construction and installation drawings that fulfil the architect’s vision using practical solutions.

“Usually during these interior conversions and refits technical systems, electrical devices, insulation, piping and HVAC systems, are found hidden behind linings and walls. These systems need to be modified as well and this task can be handled by the company through its technical support system and full turnkey solutions. While most other interior companies do not want to handle these technical systems, ScanMarine has the ability to solve these issues.”

ScanMarine also deals in new building projects: “The working procedures here are pretty much the same as when the company undertakes refurbishments, however there is a lot more design and work co-ordination that needs to be completed in conjunction with the shipyards at an early stage,” Suljo continues.

In order to effectively and professionally carry out work in rapid turnaround times, ScanMarine utilises what Suljo calls an ‘extreme outsourcing concept’: “Rather than having its own workshops ScanMarine draws on a broad network of contacts in has with industry specialists in various different fields of the marine industry. ScanMarine carries out the initial design construction drawings and oversees project management, which includes the gathering of teams of subcontractors and specialists who are then sent to wherever it is in the world that the project is being carried out. The individuals in these teams are often experts with many years of experience in and knowledge of their particular field and this process highlights ScanMarine’s use of a completely outsourced production model.”

Over the last 20-plus years there have been a host of projects that highlight the quality work carried out by ScanMarine: “One project that stands out as a real accomplishment for the company was the complete refit of the Stena Saga in 2006. This task required the refit of 1300 square metres of public space during a six-week period. What made this even more impressive was that this contract was only finalised a matter of weeks before installation had to begin,” Suljo highlights. “Another project that the company took particular pride in was the work on the Stena Adventurer in 2004. This complete turnkey installation of 1500 square metres of interior space was completed mainly during the vessels’ voyage from South Korea to the UK making this project a real logistical challenge.”

There are a number of qualities that set ScanMarine apart from other interior companies: “The main advantage of the company is that it is truly a worldwide player. This means ScanMarine is extremely flexible in meeting its customers’ needs and is able to adapt to different working cultures quickly and efficiently,” Suljo enthuses. “I dare say ScanMarine also offers an entirely unique service in which its customers only ever need to contact one key person, the project manager, to deal with any and all issues, be they commercial or technical, no matter the size or duration of the project.”

As the company looks towards the future it sees clear potential for increased growth in Asia, particular Korea and China: “ScanMarine have been present in the Korean market for nearly 20 years and in this time it has built up strong relationships with the shipyards and owners there to get to the point it is at today and remains the only company of its kind operating in this region,” Suljo says. “There are also a number of contacts the company has with Chinese shipyards and it is quite confident that the next time there are ships being built there for Western owners ScanMarine will be heavily involved.”

The continued prosperity of the company in the years during and following the economic ukcollapse in 2008 owes much to the landing of several new building projects shortly before the recession hit: “The company has had a particularly busy few years and in January 2011 it delivered the Stena Transporter new building to Samsung Heavy Industries. Installation on a second ship, the Stena Transit is due to be completed by the end of summer 2011 and there are several interesting project potential in the pipeline,” Suljo concludes.

Exclusive interior outfitters
Provides a complete turnkey service
Set for growth throughout Asia