Always pushing forwards

For more than a century and a half Obernkirchen, Germany, based J. Heinrich Bornemann GmbH (Bornemann Pumps) has been a leading name in engineered pumps and pump system solutions. Holding true to the ‘Made in Germany’ mark of quality, it produces superior systems at a cost-effective price. The company works extensively with the shipping and marine industry with products used throughout upstream environments, pipelines, oil and gas terminals, vessel engine rooms, and in specialist applications such as FPSOs and Platform supply vessels (PSVs). In addition to this, the company is supplying pumps to the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

As a company heavily invested in research and development (R&D), always pushing forwards with innovative and more advanced technologies, Bornemann Pumps last year announced its brand new Subsea Oil and Gas Skimmer (SOGS). This tool has been developed to minimise the impact of oil and gas leakages by using an inlet cone or suction lance to collect errant oil and gas hydrocarbons in water surrounding ruptured wells, pipes or any other source of unintended leakage such as damaged vessels and illegal waste disposals.

A detection system – or hydrocarbon sniffer – can be attached and enables the operator to pinpoint the centre of the leakage cloud, thereby maximising its effectiveness in controlling the spillage. The SOGS lance itself descends from an oil recovery vessel whilst remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are required for its positioning.

This, however, is just the latest in a long line of high quality and innovative products from Bornemann. The company’s portfolio includes twin-screw pumps manufactured in over 80 different sizes that are able to handle almost any non-homogenous fluid that the pump may contact, from seawater and acid to bitumen and lime. The simplicity of a twin-screw design, in which dual rotating screws carry the fluid from suction to discharge, means it can be used for a wide variety of applications, has a small physical footprint, can temporarily run dry, emits low noise levels and offers easy maintenance solutions.

Bornemann Pumps also manufactures its own line of progressive cavity pumps that handle poorly flowing materials too viscous for standard pumps, which are used by the maritime sector as well as onshore markets.

Of course, Bornemann Pumps also offers customer services to accompany its products and has a dedicated Service Team available to provide advice, maintenance, repairs, overhauls and exchanges for every installation by the company. Bornemann Pumps further provides complete documentation services including technical writing, translation of technical documents and advice regarding the use of pumps and lubricants. It can also offer bespoke training courses, which give clients the opportunity to gain in-depth operating, maintenance and repair knowledge on pumps. This can be provided at the customer’s premises or at Bornemann Pumps’ own facilities.

The company’s innovative product lines, commitment to R&D and customer service, and rigorous adherence to safety has been its defining feature since the day it was established in 1853. Through these 158 years of history there have been a number of achievements that the company views as milestones in its history; for example, the first to patent the twin-screw pump with external bearings. Another milestone was the company’s work on the grounded ship Erika, with parts of the vessel’s 30,000 tonnes of fuel oil already causing pollution along the Breton coast. The French Department of the Environment reviewed solution proposals, settling on Bornemann Pumps’ idea of placing a pump station next to the spillage to suck it up. This model was a success, recovering 11,200 tonnes of the oil and preventing pollution across more than 500 kilometres of the coastline.

Through such novel approaches to technology, Bornemann Pumps has established itself as a global player with products on every continent. It possesses a network of nearly 90 subsidiary offices and associated agents throughout Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Far East, Africa and Australia, all of which work closely with the German headquarters to deliver optimal Bornemann Pump quality across the world. In this spirit, Bornemann Pumps also exhibits at many exhibitions and industry conferences with recent shows including the 11th Oil & Gas Exhibition in Moscow, Interpack 2011 in Düsseldorf, OTC in Houston, the Offshore Mediterranean Conference in Ravenna and SMM ukin Hamburg. Upcoming is the company’s presence at the International Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE) in Shanghai, China, toward the end of August.

Bornemann Pumps has an average annual turnover of 100 million euros, enabling it to invest heavily into new technology, improving the quality of its product and delivering better customer service. The question of how to limit oil leaks and spills is a prominent one and the launch of SOGS will go some way in making oil recovery work a more safe and environmentally clean process. With this in mind, and with more than 150 years of innovation and quality engineering principles behind it, the future for Bornemann Pumps is certain to be a strong one.

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