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‘My firm shall be known as the leader in both quality and performance.’ These are the words of company founder Friedrich Lürssen, spoken in 1875 and which still hold true today. Lürssen, which groups together several shipyards and has many national and international connections, focuses its diversity of skills on what is perhaps the most important demand: total customer satisfaction. Despite its spectacular growth and success so far, Lürssen still believes that it is not size that counts in today’s business world – what really makes the difference is specialised knowhow and the experience born of 135 years of successful activity.

Lürssen has two main fields of business activities. The first focuses on the building of naval vessels and special ships including fast patrol boats, corvettes, frigates, support vessels and so forth. The second division specialises in the building of luxury super yachts starting from 50 metres to over 155 metres, working closely with both clients and world-class designers to create the most stunning yachts. Lürssen Logistics, a separate enterprise, concentrates on the logistical parts of the group, such as repair and maintenance, yacht management, spare parts, documentation and crew training.

Much of Lürssen’s stellar reputation is based on the development of patrol craft, fast patrol boats (FPBs) and fast attack craft (FAC.) Long before even World War II, Lürssen was delivering numerous tailor-made versions of vessels like these to German and foreign navies.

Today, Lürssen’s proven FPB designs cover a range of customised vessels of between 38m and up to 65m lengths and with maximumspeeds exceeding 40 knots. Lürssen’s FPB designs are ideally suited for a great number of tasks including sea surveillance and patrol, seaward defence of territorial waters, protection of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), protection and control of vital sea lines and the commercial traffic, and deterrence and countering of terrorist attacks.

Furthermore, Lürssen’s FPB designs are very flexible, which means they can support a wide range of combat systems that can be tailored according to a navy’s specific requirements.

When it comes to corvette designs, Lürssen can offer a range of customised vessels of between 62m and 90m lengths. Compared to FPB/FAC, corvettes have significantly enhanced capabilities including:

  • Seaworthiness for unrestricted operations in seastate 5 +
  • Extended endurance, range and autonomy of up to seven days without logistic support
  • Are primarily designed for littoral warfare, but also fully operational in ocean (blue) waters
  • Highly mobile and deployable to any operating area at high transit speeds
  • Offensive striking power with a long-range (LR) surface-to-surface missile (SSM) system l Layered defences with hard and soft kill measures to counter the anti-ship missile threat

Moving onto frigates, Lürssen’s range includes vessels of between 130m and 150m lengths, all of which were designed and built for the German Navy in co-operation with a German consortium.

Frigates are multi-purpose surface combatants specifically designed for blue water operations and principally employed in a maritime task group or task force. They are generally designed and equipped for three-dimensional warfare, though some of them may have to perform specific primary roles.

Due to the comprehensive command control and communications facilities and the complex weaponry fitted onboard, frigates are well suited for maritime operations in all principle warfare areas.

Lürssen’s naval vessel expertise also extends to mine counter measure vessels (MCMV) where its range includes minesweepers, mine hunters and dual-role MCM vessels with hunting, remote-controlled sweeping and minelaying capabilities.

In 1979 Lürssen acquired the total technical know-how, all expert personnel and infrastructure of the German Burmester Shipyard (which had specialised in building modern MCMV for the navy since 1958, including the famous LINDAU class minesweepers). Since that time Lürssen has intensified its experience and expertise in building advanced MCMV for the German Navy and other naval customers.

Finally, for the naval arena, Lürssen also builds support vessels, and its range extends from 40 to 50m multipurpose utility craft up to fleet support vessels of more than 170m length.

Lürssen designs, builds and supports naval systems as a prime contractor. This includes the integration of sophisticated systems and components on board and links with the other assets in joint operations. The in-house integration process ensures the vessel’s optimum warfare capabilities as a single unit of part of a joint task group.

As prime contractor, Lürssen takes care of the functionality and interface between system and platform as well as among the systems themselves. The company combines the work of subcontractor and its own workforce and involves its own specialists in the project from the very beginning. Former operators of naval vessels are backing the expertise of Lürssen in this field; integration work starts with design and development, continues through production checking and testing at subcontractor facilities and ends with final acceptance tests onboard ukthe vessel. As a result the customer receives a powerful craft with reliable performance.

Alongside its specific naval applications, Lürssen also provides all the necessary expertise and facilities needed for custom design and construction of specialised ships, such as patrol craft, fast ferries, SAR and coast guard, and research and survey vessels. The construction of such a large range of products is supported by the experience of Lürssen Rendsburg on the North Baltic Canal and the Neue Jadewerft in Wilhelmshaven.

However, Lürssen is not only known for its military and special ship applications. The Lürssen Group is led by two cousins, Friedrich and Peter Lürssen, who have effectively utilised the company’s military shipbuilding expertise and created one of the finest luxury yacht manufacturers in the world.

Lürssen is now recognised as one of the leading builders of bespoke superyachts, and can credit vessels such as MY Octopus (126 metres), MY Pelorus (115 metres) and MY Rising Sun (138 metres), one of the largest privately owned yachts in the world, to its name. Many awards have been given to Lürssen yachts, such as the 197’ Arkley, which won ‘Motor Yacht of the Year’ at the 2010 World Superyacht Awards in London.

To address the special demands of its clients, Lürssen works in close partnership with market leading designers from all over the globe. They work in tandem with the 200-plus naval architects and engineers employed by Lürssen to find the right creative options and design solutions, while at the same time achieving the highest quality and technical standards possible.

This combination of constant innovation, the high quality, the devoted work force, and the close interaction with the client are highly valued by its customers. Additionally, Lürssen is known for its discretion, and is used to working on secret projects for clients, where no details are disclosed.

Although the Lürssen name is synonymous with fast and powerful ships, the company also offers consultancy and assistance, as well as lifetime logistics support to navies and private ship owners on a professional basis. The company has years of experience in advising customers how to build and develop infrastructure, shipyards and training centres for crews. As a partner, it trains and supports customers on their way to independence.

The Lürssen family – now in its fourth generation – is dedicated to keeping the business firmly in private hands. It believes that independence from shareholders and investors plays a key role in the building of state-of-the-art, high-quality ships. For generations, its philosophy has been to provide whatever the customer wants. According to Friedrich and Peter Lürssen: “We will not be satisfied until you, our customer, is satisfied. That’s our philosophy!”

Lürssen designs and constructs yachts, naval ships and special vessels
Lürssen is a leading builder of custom super yachts
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