Well managed

Although based in London, Sovereign Ship Management Ltd is treading the water of the wider international shipping market in its capacity as a third party technical management company. Sovereign was established in 2007 by managing director Raajeev K.Singh who has a long experience in the industry, both in terms of career and education.

With its current portfolio standing at 16 vessels, including tankers, bulk carriers and supply vessels, Sovereign intends to take on the management of a new vessel every other month until the company has a fleet of 50 ships under its management. To this end the company is targeting the third party sector of the shipping market. Sovereign provides its clients with ship management services, technical solutions, personnel and crew management services, condition assessment surveys and pre-purchase inspections of vessels. The company also supervises afloat ship, dry docking, and machinery repairs.

Sovereign’s expertise lies in its in-house technical capability, which is bolstered by a team of marine engineers and master mariners with more than 100 years worth of experience between them. These engineering and management skills enable the business to manage various kinds of merchant ships in the most efficient manner possible.

This technical team has experience of supervising chemical and oil tanker, container, and bulk carrier new build programmes from design approval through the construction stage to completion, sea trial and commissioning of the vessel. Within its ranks Sovereign also has handson experience in organising main engine and generator, CPP and fixed propeller, turbocharger, deck crane and hatch covers, and various structural repairs of merchant ships, overhauls and steel repairs around the world.

As well as these physical services, Sovereign employs a variety of different ship management software to ensure that each vessel is run as efficiently as possible. The development of this web based capability is a key aspect of the company’s future strategy, alongside Sovereign’s own in-house training centre. One application of this software is the purse system, which has been successfully implemented to handle the end of the month accounting duties, enabling the Master to concentrate on the handling of the vessel and its crew. A second software programme developed for the company’s management system helps maintain records for all ship certifications with copies available online for ease of access.

The crew management system is designed to provide support in every stage from recruitment and selection to crew accounting, offeringcontinual functional and technical assistance. This maintains a record of curriculum vitae, appraisals, contract documents, and history of various crew members which are currently employed or are being prepared for employment on board the vessel.

Various types of reports can be generated by the system to assist with crew planning, selecting a particular rank of candidate, generating a crew list for any Sovereign vessel, and checking the appraisal and performance of all employed crew members. These capabilities are complemented by a final piece of software – Sovereign’s in-house planned maintenance system, which has been implemented on to its tanker vessels. However, new software programmes are developed as Sovereign’s, and its clients’ needs continue to evolve.

Risk assessment and technical management software are the latest programs to been developed and implemented by the company. The risk assessment software helps to assess risks while undertaking various kinds of non-routine operations, and allows procedures to be introduced for bringing associated risk within safe limits. Technical management software allows various daily, weekly and monthly reports from master and chief engineer to be directly uploaded on the company’s website allowing access by owners, managers, charterers in any part of the world.

Sovereign established its training academy called Sovereign Maritime Academy of Research and Training (SMART) in Mumbai during 2010. It allows the company to test the skills of various members of floating staff in accordance with the responsibilities and requirements of their position by assessing their training needs then imparting basic and advanced training at the academy, or else through various online training software developed by an in-house team of master mariners, chief engineers and IT personnel.

In achieving its service ambitions, Sovereign follows internationally recognised quality procedures as approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and ensures that occupational health and safety and pollution prevention remain top priorities at all times.

Much of Sovereign’s market success is based upon its well-informed roots and overarching quality procedures. By offering a variety of services affiliated to the ship management industry, Sovereign is hoping to grow its business base horizontally to the stage where the company can self-support a technical management function through various subsidiaries around the world.

Extensive ship management experience
Newly developed ship management software
Offices in London, India, and Hong Kong