Cool under pressure

Since 1952, PBUCH has invested in the design and manufacturing of refrigeration equipment for industrial and offshore clients. Through the years its portfolio has expanded hugely to also include pressure equipment, heat exchangers for shipbuilding, chemical storage units and an array of supporting auxiliary devices. PBUCH is responsible for the complete process of bringing these to market, from concept and design through manufacturing to commissioning and aftersales maintenance and repair; this has made it an ideal, fully comprehensive partner for the shipbuilders and owners that make up its client base.

Today one of PBUCH’s most popular products is its containerised rescue and hyperbaric treatment chamber system, which is a decompression chamber built into a standardised container for ease of transport and storage. Trade and marketing manager Emilia Węglewska talks about it in more detail: “It is a very sophisticated product that needs to be built to the exact specifications of our client and special technical standards. The chamber is automated and situated within a container that can be transported by sea, road, rail or air and delivered ready to use. The chamber has to be made under special conditions because of regulations about oxygen purity and its use for medical purposes. Nonetheless, we have been able to meet all of the strictest certification guidelines. It has also been used to for training exercises such as for submarine crew. Our latest research and development project is invested in finding new materials for the unit and to bring it up to the latest regulation standards.”

Hyperbaric decompression chambers are not PBUCH’s only popular product, however. As one of the leading manufacturers of onboard HVAC and refrigeration equipment, it not only produces entire water-cooling, compressor, condenser and heat exchange systems but also the components required for their operation. Whilst there are standardised specifications, the company is also able to manufacture any of these individually to meet requests. Research and development has been a crucial component in making sure this happens, a process undertaken with the help of research universities and technical colleges from around Poland.

These newly developed or tailor made products are delivered to clients not only locally, such as the intentionally renowned Remontowa shipbuilding and repair yard, but also to yards across Europe including Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Russia and Latvia, and even to others around the world. It also works with clients outside of the shipbuilding business such as with the energy, petrochemical and naval sectors.

One of the reasons the company’s products have become so popular amongst the industry is the high quality that every single item is made to. This can be seen in the huge number of certifications and recognitions PBUCH has gained. “Our equipment is guaranteed by all the well-known classification bodies,” Emilia says, “including Det Norkse Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyd’s Register, the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, the Polish Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd and even the China Classification Society. We also make everything according to ISO 9001, so that each pressurised unit is guaranteed according to the rules, special procedures and documentation it lays out. Recently PBUCH also received Certificate of Business Credibility issued by Dun & Bradstreet, the leading provider of global business information. This ensures our products remain of optimal quality and our clients remain safe.”

PBUCH has had great success, especially in Europe, and is now looking to branch out its presence even further. Throughout the unstable economic climate over the last few years, one which hit the shipping industry particularly hard, PBUCH was able to balance its finances by focusing on its other industries to maintain a steady stream of incoming orders. With the ship industry once again beginning to recover, it seems logical for the company to beginning expanding its reach geographically into those regions with the greatest growth: the Middle and Far East. Here, the company has already begun forging contacts with local companies and there has been particular interest in PBUCH’s compression chamber and heat exchanger products for use in special applications.

“We can see that the state of the shipbuilding sector is looking much better over the next year than it has done in previous years,” Emilia says about the future. “For us, development continues because of course we need to prepare for the introduction of new standards and requirements, so we continue to gain additional certifications for our other equipment. For example, we recently gained a special metals welding approval for aluminium or duplex steel and are currently getting this for other materials too. We are always trying to find out what is necessary for the market and ensure our equipment changes according to these demands, which are then reinforced by certified approvals. This is the basis for PBUCH’s business and we will continue along these lines.”

Upgrading its popular decompression chamber unit
Widely certified by international bodies
Heavily invested into research and development