Fabricating the future

Dirk-Jan Schriek, owner of Demko Metaalconstructies, introduces the company, which has established an enviable reputation for the creation of highly versatile equipment and containers: “Demko was founded in 1997 as part of the ASEP Group. In 2000 we became independent and have evolved to what we are now, a leading company in the custom built offshore container business. We primarily make containers and enclosures, but overall our products vary a lot. So for example, we have built steel nacelles for windmills, recycle units for bentonite recycling, self propelled conveyor belts, offshore reefer containers, diesel-hydraulic driven piston pump units for bentonite for the drilling industry, self propelled hydraulic power units for ship lift systems, compressed air containers for salvage divers and offshore crane operator cabins.”

He continues: “We are also now quite focused on the manufacture of control cabins, containerised hydraulic power units and E&I rooms for pipe lay vessels, semi-submersibles and jack up barges. We see a substantial growth in this kind of equipment. Because we operate in all different markets with a wide range of products, we are able to incorporate technical solutions from one industry into the other.”

Dirk-Jan mentioned the company’s move to become independent 11 years ago, and he gives more details about more recent developments: “After we became independent, we moved to a larger facility, where we stayed for almost ten years. But we couldn’t expand at that site any further and therefore we recently bought a new facility that is two and half times as big and moved there in segments. The first move was the installation department in 2008 and the last move was the construction department and offices in the end of 2009. The two years in between the company was divided over two locations, which caused a lot of extra investments in machinery and personnel and was very difficult to control. Now the whole company has been reunited again at one location, it is much easier to run, which in turn ensures a better product with reduced costs and delivery times.”

One of Demko’s major strengths is its ability to custom build containers that require certification to comply with international laws and rules. “We are able to build according to the Rules for Classification of Ships as well as the Rules for the Classification of Mobile Offshore Units, Standard for Certification of Offshore Containers and/or the Regulation of the International Convention for Safe Containers,” confirms Dirk-Jan. “Our welding processes, welders and equipment are fully qualified for these Codes, as are the calculation and test methods for strength. Loadtests are performed together with a local company, to whom we delivered a purpose built testframe.”

He continues with some details about another of Demko’s strengths: “Although the company is ‘only’ 14 years old, we have over 25 years of experience in noise reduction in industrial and maritime environments. Knowledge has come with the years and from the education and hard work of employees. As a result we are able to give sound level guarantees for our products, and as products are custom made, there is no ‘standard’ product, everything is bespoke.”

In addition to manufacturing its own products, Demko has recently started a partnership with HB Rentals. Says Dirk-Jan: “This is for the rental of accommodation units and offshore service cabins. Demko provides service for the western European rental market and has a large stock of rental units. We take care of the annual recertification as well as modifications on customers’ demands, repairs, refurbishments and so forth.”

This new development was created through a close working relationship with customers, and listening to what they need. Demko’s client base is roughly divided into two groups – original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users. “For OEMs we produce containers and enclosures in all possible dimensions in which they will install their equipment,” says Dirk-Jan. “For end users we produce not only the containers and enclosures, but also the equipment inside, varying from control desks and electrical cabinets to diesel driven hydraulic power units or compressors.”

Both 2010 and 2011 have been successful years for Demko, despite the financial crisis, which hit in the middle of the company’s facility reorganisation. “But without having to reduce personnel we were able to find a positive outcome by creating a higher standard in dual certified offshore containers in several standard sizes. This has become quite a success now, and made 2010 and 2011 profitable,” said Dirk-Jan. “Although it looks like we are heading into another economic dip in 2012, our outlook is positive and we hope to be able to win the projects that we are currently making quotations for. These projects would keep us busy until at least the second half of 2012 or first half of 2013.”

Demko already is a key player in its market, but it has no intention of resting on its laurels. Dirk-Jan concludes: “We want to grow to be the number one supplier of containerised equipment in the on- and offshore oil and gas industry, salvage industry and wind energy markets. We are looking at further growth of our facilities and employees, as well as targeting more export of our products. Probably 75 per cent of our products are now delivered to Dutch customers, and we really want to get our products to a wider audience.”

New, larger facilities offer better performance
Recently formed partnership with HB Rentals
Many years of hands-on expereince