Built to perform

Located in Split, Croatia’s second largest city and the regional centre of the Eastern Adriatic coast, Brodosplit shipyard can boast a history that dates back to the time of Roman emperor Diocletian. Its existence in its current form began to really take shape with the establishment of several small repair yards, and their subsequent merging, in 1922.

Since 1932 the company has been based at its present home in Kastela Bay, an area that provides all the necessary infrastructure and superstructure to operate a successful shipbuilding business, whilst also being in close proximity to one of the regions’ largest cargo and passenger ports in terms of tonnage and passenger numbers.

Already recognised at this point as Croatia’s largest shipyard, with its facilities stretching across an area in excess of 560,000 metres, Brodosplit used the second half of the last century to undertake an expansion into the international market. It is as a result of many years of successful operations, backed up by the high quality of its product range, that the company has been able to build and cement an unrivalled reputation within the global shipbuilding industry and with its clients.

Aware that each and every vessel it builds must be safe, durable, efficient and reliable, both at sea and in port, Brodosplit is able to design and construct vessels of every type known today, as well as meet the special individual needs of each client. Working in partnership with these clients from the very beginning, the company’s design team is supported by an experienced and expert production unit that is always ready to implement a project according to the very specific needs and demands of the ship owner. This ability to bring tailor made designs to life is easily one of the company’s biggest advantages over its competitors.

The application of state-of-the-art computer technology plays a particularly special role in the building process. CAD and CAM systems are used to carry out a comprehensive design phase while the shipyard’s workshops produce all the required cast products and tools and provide other production services. Once construction is complete, extensive testing and analysis is carried out at the Institute of Naval Architecture in Zagreb. It is here that the best variant of the project is carefully chosen on the basis of these test results.

Brodosplit’s production lines are supported with automated and robotised cells and strict quality control measures are implemented so that even the smallest of detected anomalies are addressed quickly and eliminated effectively and efficiently. A great number of projects have been created and tested through the aforementioned process, with the most recent example being the P-Max concept. The result of a successful collaboration between Brodosplit and Concordia Maritime for the building a series of tankers with a deadweight tonnage of 65,000 tonnes to be used in the transport of oil products through icy waters, these innovative vessels can carry up to 30 per cent more cargo than conventional tankers of the same size with minimal additional costs and the optimum level of safety.

Over the last 70 years Brodosplit’s shipyard has managed to deliver over 350 ships to clients the world over, one of which remains recognised to this day as the largest tanker ever to be launched in one piece. Built for the company Tankerska plovidba Zadar, this phenomenal vessel measures in at a staggering 280 metres long and possesses a jaw dropping 166,000 tonnes of deadweight tonnage.

Whether big or small in size, many of the company’s ships have gone on to receive recognition from some of the industry’s most prominent international institutions. The most recent of these awards were announced in January 2012 when The Naval Architect magazine included two of its vessels, the PIANA ro-pax ferry and cargo ship and the Orange Star handy orange juice carrier, on its list of ‘Significant Ships of the Year 2011’.

A vessel used in the transportation of passengers, cars, trucks and vehicles carrying dangerous cargo on the route that links Marseille to Bastia in Corsica, the PIANA is the first ro-pax of its kind, built in line with newly established regulations that provide it with the highest levels of stability, safety of life at sea, comfort and environmental protection. Orange Star on the other hand is the largest orange juice carrier ever built with a payload of 32,000 cubic metres. As unique a project as any undertaken by Brodosplit, Orange Star was delivered into service in February 2011.

Jumbo Shipping also recently confirmed a contract with Brodosplit for the building of a heavy lift ship. The 152 metre long, 27 metre wide vessel is intended for Arctic conditions and will have two deck cranes offering a total lifting capacity of 1100 tonnes. Two 4500 kilowatt engines will also ensure a speedy 17 knot maximum speed, and is fully prepared for the future installation of DP2 systems where necessary.

Continuously monitoring all the latest achievements and developments that occur within the marketplace, Brodosplit is universally hailed for its competitive prices, high quality standards and the excellent performance of its vessels in the field. Due to the expertise of, and innovative approach taken by, its employees and their ability to construct sophisticated vessels of multiple types, Brodosplit is perfectly placed to build on its hard earned status as one of the world’s premier shipyards

Croatia’s largest shipyard
Multi-award winning vessels
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