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Mideast Ship Management Ltd. is a subsidiary of The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia “Bahri” (formerly known as NSCSA ). Bahri and Acomarit, a ship management company based in Scotland, jointly established Mideast in 1997 to render quality ship management services both to Bahri and other companies. Its office was set-up in Dubai, which is the hub of the international market.

In 2005, Bahri acquired full ownership of Mideast, and over the years it has helped the company grow and develop into a very successful venture. For example, Mideast started its operation with the management of nine vessels, but today it manages a fleet of 36 ships, that comprises Chemical Carriers, VLCCs and Ro-Ro Vessels. The total number of ships in the fleet is expected to rise to around 50 by the end of 2014.

Mideast also provides other services to its clients, which include:

  • Technical management
  • Commercial management
  • Sale and purchase
  • Technical and marine consultancy
  • Insurance and claim handling

The company has a very experienced management team and a qualified work force (onshore and offshore) to cater to the requirements of vessel owners and other clients satisfactorily.

The Mideast vision is to include itself amongst the leading ship management players of the world. The company is committed towards its responsibilities to maintain a friendly and healthy environment, and is accredited to ISO 14001 as an example of its dedication.

One of Mideast’s major strengths is its ability to call on the expertise and support of a reliable and impressive parent company. Bahri is today one of the biggest shipping companies in the world and occupies a pre-eminent position among its industry peers at national, regional and international levels in all sectors of its business.

During the course of its diversification, Bahri’s services have been expanded to include transportation of general cargo, crude oil, chemical and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and dry bulk. Having started off its operations for transporting general cargo and containers initially, the company, with its commendable track record, has established the reputation of providing high standard of services to its customers in all sectors.

A focus that flows through both Bahri and Mideast is the commitment to ensure that all vessels are operated with minimum risk to the environment and sea life. This dedication requires huge amounts of investment, and presently all Bahri vessels comply with the latest international regulations and standards on marine pollution, utilise effective ballast water management to prevent contamination of sea water, have modern fuel saving technologies, use advance coatings on the vessels to reduce the amount of fuel they consume, implement precautionary principles and promote use of best environment practice.

Alongside this focus on the environment, the Group is determined that its vessels are safe – Bahri works to ensure this approach is applied throughout the organisation, as well as with all its affiliates to make certain that the highest safety standards are maintained. The management is acutely conscious of its responsibility towards the safety of its work force, crew, vessels, clients’ assets, environment, and the local community.

There is an assortment of measures that are necessary to achieve this goal, and so for example, the employees of Bahri and its affiliates are provided with medical insurance and a healthy work atmosphere. Safety training sessions are conducted regularly, and in addition international standards are practiced on all vessels to maintain a safe environment. Clients’ assets are insured through a recognised international insurance firm, and office buildings are equipped with basic safety tools to handle all situations.

Although an impressive business in its own right, Mideast is just one of the remarkable subsidiaries of Bahri – another is Petredec Ltd, a Bermuda based LPG trader that Bahri acquired a 30.3 per cent share of in 2005. Bahri entered this agreement as a result of its desire to expand further into the LPG transportation business. Bahri also owns a fleet of 19 chemical carriers through its subsidiary National Chemical Carriers (NCC) which was established in partnership with SABIC and has become one of the largest companies of the world in this field.

The company also owns four fully owned multipurpose vessels, deployed between the Arabian Gulf – Indian Subcontinent – Red Sea – Mediterranean – US/Canada East Coast route on a regular basis. The company also invested in on-land facilities by building a container service yard at the Jeddah Islamic Port to facilitate container storage and maintenance/repair services.

Bahri strongly believes that continuous expansion and improvement of its services in the global logistics industry will not only improve the trade, but also contribute to the national economy and to the development of shareholders investment which are prime goals of the organisation.

Formed in 1997
Manages a fleet of 36 vessels
Wants to be a leading ship manager