Passion and understanding

Since it was established in 1988, the VeKa Group has grown into something of an institution in shipbuilding. Thanks to various take-overs, it has accrued many years of experience in shipbuilding, and this has served to not only increase its efficiency and performance, but also added to its passion and understanding of the industry.

Due to the fact that today VeKa can provide almost all types of ship, the company is confident it can always find a solution for clients’ transportation needs. Another advantage of its total capability approach is that the ships can be delivered as turnkey solutions. The entire process of construction and finishing can be accommodated by VeKa, which means that the client has one central point of contact. VeKa’s standardised hulls are even built for stock at one of the shipyards in Eastern Europe or China, which results in shorter delivery times.

Of course, it is also possible to have a ship fully custom built by the yard. In collaboration with its own design department, the ships are designed and calculations produced based on the intended use and the customer’s desires – and all of these activities are maintained with a focus on personal contact.

Yacht building
Since the summer of 2009, the Jongert Shipyard in North Holland has been part of the VeKa Group. This yacht builder traditionally specialised in the design and construction of sailing yachts and was the only Dutch yacht builder with its own line of models. It has always been amongst the world’s elite in the field of sailing yachts, and this remains its primary activity. In addition, a line of motor yachts is available, which is being expanded further. Alongside new construction, Jongert offers clients who cannot bear to part with their Jongert yacht the option of having it refitted.

Recognising the rising demand from a Chinese audience in the super yacht market, in early April 2012 Jongert exhibited at the Hainan Rendezvous in China. The island of Hainan in the south of China is, with its tropical climate and beautiful natural surroundings, often known as the ‘Riviera of the East’.

Even though the event was only being held for the third time, it has already become Asia’s largest and most important yacht show, with around 15,000 visitors from all across greater China predicted to enjoy the world’s finest brands in luxury products, private jets and yachts. And in the latter, Jongert can’t be missed.

This is the first time that Jongert has set sail towards Asia: “We can see an increasing interest for our yachts coming from Chinese customers and have decided to visit them, instead of them visiting us,” commented Eel Kant, managing director of Jongert.

Although it clearly has masses of expertise at hand for yacht building, VeKa can in fact construct almost every imaginable type of vessel, so there is always a VeKa solution for the client’s transportation needs. This means that as part of its offer, the Group can supply inland navigation vessels, seagoing ships and pontoons. The inland navigation vessels are available in all desired dimensions and satisfy all requirements imposed by the various classification agencies.

The facility to offer seagoing ships was added in 2004 when the Group took over a large shipyard from the Bijlsma Group in Lemmer. This brought an end to the Frisian family company, but preserved the shipyard for the future.

Over the ten years it was operating before the acquisition, the Bijlsma yard had become one of the most up-to-date yards in the Netherlands, with a favourable location, large shed and extensive facilities. Bijlsma had always built new seagoing ships from the keel up, and now VeKa can apply its concepts for inland navigation vessels to seagoing vessels as well.

It also means that the various types of seagoing ships can be delivered to clients as turnkey solutions, and the vessels available include multi-purpose dry cargo carriers, oil and chemical tankers, bitumen tankers, gas tankers and container ships.

In addition to inland navigation vessels and seagoing ships, VeKa also constructs a range of pontoons of varying dimensions. It has also completed various projects relating to all kinds of floating equipment, including self-drive working barges, tugs, pushed barges, crane ships and passenger ships. These products are used world-wide for various purposes, such as salvage operations, wind turbine projects, dredging operations and a wide range of other activities.

It is clear that VeKa is no stranger to innovation and as a company is constantly looking at ways to improve its processes in order to more accurately meet customers’ requirements. As a result, it is always adding new services, such as its new provision in the fields of financing and shipping brokerage. It is also willing to create new divisions to address any missing sectors of its service offering. VeKa Piping & Industry B.V. is the newest company that has been created along these lines – this company supplies the pipeline systems for all designs of double-hulled chemical and mineral tankers that VeKa finishes or for its own projects and also for other finishing companies and project developers for inland navigation vessels and seagoing ships. A well-designed chemical pipeline system is essential for the environment and for safety. For that reason, VeKa felt that an in-house department with its own engineers that could devote a great deal of attention to this field was a very welcome addition to its portfolio.

VeKa can also count Dutch Marine Constructors Werkendam (a newly established construction company that produces semi-finished goods for the maritime sector) and Eendracht Werkendam B.V. (a young and dynamic company that specialises in the transhipment, transport and supply of, and the provision of infrastructure for, infrastructure-related construction materials) as part of its family.

Despite the international character and multifaceted composition of the Group, VeKa is and remains a family firm, which, in practice, translates into a very personal approach to the customer. Within VeKa, ensuring the customer has received only the very best of advice and service is regarded as one of the most important aspects of contact; its staff embrace this philosophy on all fronts, which in turn helps ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Wide ranging construction skills
Well respected brand
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