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Founded in 1994, Dynamic Shipping Services (DSS) is a ship agency and ship management company based in Haifa, Israel, with branch offices in the ports of Ashdod and Eilat. During the last 18 years the company has expanded into a broad array of services including technical management, chartering and brokerage, port agency, vessel husbandry, container handling, ship-to-ship cargo transfer, consultancy, and special cargo solutions, and this portfolio continues expanding today.

It can deliver its services in all ports in Israel. DSS has gained a glowing reputation for quality and reliability that hinges on the efficiency of its infrastructure. It is a member of both the Israel Chamber of Shipping, a non-profit organisation that promotes the interests of its members at a national and international level, and the Israeli Chamber of Commerce.

“Our customers are ship owners and operators worldwide ass well as many of the charterers in Israel,” says managing director Captain Yaron Karmi. “Ship operating clients we can mention include Scan-Trans from Denmark and Freight Traders from New Zealand. The charterers and receivers we work with include Orbond Gypsum & Gypsum Products Industries Ltd, Tambour Group Ltd, Gesher Gypsum Ltd and Lev-Baron Commodities Ltd.”

The heart of DSS are its ship management and agency services, which it provides to over 250 vessels every year. In addition to complete technical management it can offer third parties: co-ordinating loading / discharge with port’s officials, and other logistics services throughout Israel, for maximum loading and discharging efficiency and online reports to clients. Meanwhile it can charter vessels ranging between 1000 to 40,000 DWT for break-bulk and project cargoes.

Managing director Zimi Cohen adds: “Our availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and the ability to supply the best shipping solutions on short notice and in short time at competitive costs is what attracts and retains our clients. What makes us stand out from our competitors are reliability, credibility, excellent services, professional staff, knowledge of the trade in all aspects and consequent applicable markets.”

Whilst gypsum represents one of the company’s biggest sectors, DSS also specialises in other niche cargo sectors including outsized units, heavy equipment, IMO cargoes and military equipment. The company will handle every stage of logistics where necessary, from source to door, including supplying special containers, lashing and securing the materials. As part of The Heavy Lift Group, an international network of heavy lift experts, it is able to provide customers with competitive prices for shipping throughout the world; it is the only Israeli member in the group. The company is also a service provider for the various military industries, meaning it is approved to handle dangerous and sensitive goods.

The company has used its experience in the handling of dangerous and hazardous goods, combined it with long-term familiarity with break-bulk, and applied it to the emerging industry of LNG. In 2004, DSS began studying and then eventually investing in LNG feeder vessels; in 2006, it made the step into offshore-receiving terminals (FSRU) on behalf of the nation’s Government.

“We are active in the sector with two main directions,” says Yaron. “First is as experts in small-scale LNG where we consult to different companies and governments on this sector. Second is in LNG import or export, representing a leading international LNG company for the Israeli Government for LNG import tenders. We also consult to others on LNG opportunities, both for import or export – mainly of floating solutions.”

DSS has focused on LNG feeders between 2500 and 30,000 cubic metres, which provide the ideal marriage between capacity and flexibility. It has to date been involved with several small scale projects, both upstream and downstream, and has gained valuable experience in such operations. Similarly, its FSRU business is gaining steady ground, with the company currently awaiting Government tenders. As one of the few companies in Israel involved with and pushing for the proliferation of LNG as a viable fuel source, DSS’ position at the forefront of the market guarantees it future prospects.

Zimi illustrates that a wide spectrum of services and good reputation have been excellent resources for DSS even through an unstable economic period. “Business for us has been more or less steady with a rampant increase of about 20 per cent annually over the last two years,” he concludes. “With regards to the future of our business, we all hope that there will be a recovery of the global economy. That will enable us to increase the volume of our business.”

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