Pushing the limits of valve solutions

Pres-vac is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of high velocity pressure and vacuum valves. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, it has worked within the marine industry for more than 50 years supplying valve solutions for transporting wet cargos, with over 200,000 installations for clients throughout the world. Today it offers the widest range of valves and venting systems available on the maritime market.

Chief sales officer Torben Franch explains Pres-vac’s philosophy of a good valve product: “The good pressure/vacuum (P/V) valve for a chemical carrier or oil carrier is a valve that has zero unwarranted leakage and shoots gas very high up in the air to avoid any gas on deck level. Further, it must work without oscillation on very long pipes ensuring no unwanted wear and tear. On a chemical carrier, it must under no circumstance add any pressure to the venting system. On an oil carrier, when over-pressure occurs, the valve should open and close quickly in order to maintain pressure over the cargo, thereby preventing it from boiling and minimising emissions.”

Pres-vac has an extensive array of products that meet these high standards. The range includes ordinary and high velocity pressure valves for chemical, oil, and inland tankers, FPSOs, and FSO carriers; inline pressure valves for oil carrier main lines; and auxiliary equipment including integrated or standalone gas-freeing covers, air caps, detonation arrestors and end-ofline / inline flame arrestors. It also offers nitrogen-based inert gas solutions, and inline hydraulicoperated PLC controlled VOCON valves that offer computercontrolled pressure-vacuum states onboard all cargo tankers.

As a global market leader, research and development of new products is essential in maintaining Pres-vac’s position in the marketplace. Torben explains: “We have strengthened our R&D and are capable of presenting a complete new generation of high velocity P/V valves at SMM 2012. We have, during development, split the design into two types:one dedicated to chemical carriers and one dedicated to oil carriers. The new generation of Pres-vac P/V valves have significantly improved performance, higher capacity and and work flawlessly even on very long pipes when exposed to fluctuation. The design is lighter, simpler on the outside and use state-of-the-art technologies.

“The rules clearly state nonoscillating performance levels and in chemical carriers this have been an important goal to achieve. We have improved leakage protection for these valves, which is designed to eliminate unwarranted leakage. On oil carriers, the most important issue is cargo emissions. By changing the valve design we have improved the performance in such a way that it closes very rapidly and therefore releases a minimum of gas into the air,” Torben continues.

Equally important as its high quality products is the co-operation with customers to secure optimal solutions. Clients are worked with closely to ensure that every valve and ventilation system meets the tough conditions of a working environment. It will even work with customers on an individual basis to provide solutions to individual vessels.

One recent example of Pres-vac’s flexibility is its co-operation with the Norwegian company GBA Marine to install systems combining its own VOC-saving valves with GBA Marine’s vapour-recovery equipment. The combined system has been installed on several ships owned by major oil carriers, and field results have shown a 20 to 25 per cent emissions reduction. This breakthrough comes in time for compliance with recently introduced IMO MEPC.185(59) and MEPC.1/Circ.680 resolutions.

Beyond delivery, the company offers a comprehensive range of spare parts so that they can be quickly delivered to service centres around the world for retrofitting or surveys. For regular maintenance, Pres-vac also offers ukservice kits making servicing easy and cost effective. Furthermore, in co-operation with its partners, Pres-vac offers a global network of service centres making servicing as convenient as possible for the customers.

Following decades of successful business, Pres-vac has gained itself many prestigious clients throughout the industry including many of the world’s leading tanker fleets. Torben says: “We have the pleasure of delivering to shipowners like Maersk, OAS Knutsen, Teekay, KOTC, V.ships, Odfjell, Jo Tankers, and Stolt-Nielsen and to all the major shipyards around the world.”

Being the market leader means that Pres-vac continually strives to improve its products and services. The ongoing updating of rules and regulations means constant awareness is required not to fall behind. For example, environmental regulations are becoming increasingly important every week. The reduction of polluting emissions is directly related to valve and ventilation design; Intertanko carried out a study revealing oil tankers unintentionally releasing millions of tons into the atmosphere. In response to this, Pres-vac developed VOC-reducing valves and the VOCON mast riser valve.

The last few years decline in global new building activity has also impacted Pres-vac. The company has responded to this by improving efficiency, developing new solutions and by working even closer together with its customers. Torben explains: “It is a challenging time for all in the maritime industry, but we see new business opportunities and Pres-vac will be in the driving seat for years to come. We look forward to presenting our products to the market and to present our solutions to our customers. It will be a very interesting future for all in the marine industry.”

Global market leader
New product range
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