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Since 1887, R&M has been using its own technology and design to bring unique interiors to the maritime market. It is a fullservice partner, undertaking every stage of fitting from initial design through installation to finishing, providing customers with a turnkey service from its plants in Germany, Norway and China. Between 1960 and 2012, its 125th anniversary, the company can boast work on more than 3500 vessels from megayachts to offshore platforms. What has maintained R&M’s grip on the leading edge of the market is its ability to deliver any size of project to the client’s expectations, within time and within budget.

The core of R&M’s service is the fittings it undertakes. R&M starts with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems because the key to good quality interior is clean air and well-regulated temperatures. The company’s services in this area include pipeline construction, insulation and installation alongside all the testing, certification, commissioning and remote monitoring that a high quality system expects. Professional work means R&M’s interior systems and products are respected for their reliability and long-life as well as excellent energy usage.

Another major facet of R&M’s portfolio is of course its interior designs. R&M ensures every one meets the stringent quality andsafety standards it has set out for its name, meaning it can offer high quality work with fast turnaround times.

Interiors are categorised under three headings: marine furniture; prefabricated cabins and wet units; and wall, ceiling and floor systems. Its marine furniture offers custom-made, vibrationresistant and fireproofed units with the most contemporary and attractive designs available. Everything is made within itsown facilities, c ustomised to the specifications of the vessel it is to be installed on, from both modern and traditional materials including teak, brass and mahogany.

Prefabricated cabins and wet units are built bespoke, whether single crew cabins or suite sized rooms. Nonetheless all rooms come equipped with sanitary facilities, variable wall and ceiling systems, doors, and furniture that are fully soundproofed and fireproofed to offer peace of mind. The shower pans are water tight to prevent leaking. Once installed, electricals and water pipes are connected to onboard systems so they feed into the vessel’s information hub.

The wall, ceiling and floor systems are designed to meet the health, safety and social considerations of the maritime industry even as they continue to become increasingly stringent. R&M’s models are designed to be at the forefront of the market and offer innovations across their components. To offer cohesive interiors, every aspect of the wall, ceilings and floors is conceived in conjunction with the furniture, providing crew with intelligent ukand functional spaces in which to work and passengers with an aesthetically pleasing environment in which to relax.

Two of the most outstanding features of R&M fittings are superior vibration and sound dampening, which are essential for a comfortable work and leisure environment – especially over the long periods that many of the company’s clients undertake. This is achieved through technologies such as insulated floating floors and sandwich walls that also double up their benefits by improving structural integrity. These are the result of R&M’s research and development department that, for decades, has collaborated with research institutes to remain at the front of innovation; currently the company is working on pipe insulation and LNG tanker pipes, for example. These will help it deliver better results across its customer base.

R&M has solutions for the entire maritime industry and across the entire world. It has branch offices located across Europe, North and South America, and China, and recently acquired the Swedish interior company Alvedoor to focus on its Asian strategy with operations in Kunshan. Cruise lines form a major part of its client base and the company has worked with some of the leading names; Hurtigruten, for example, which has received R&M fittings across its fleet from the 120-metre vessels to its 400 metre Oasis class of vessel. In 2010 it worked on the famous PlanetSolar, the largest solar-powered ship in the world, for which it provided fireproofed insulation to the vessel’s two floats. Approximately 85 per cent of the company’s business is repeat work with long-term partners.

It has delivered solutions to Ropax and Ro-Ro ferries, container ships, bulk carriers, chemical tanks, megayachts, pilot boats, research and survey vessels, and even small waterplane area twin hull (SWATH) ships. These last in particular, because of their underwater lifting hulls, have very delicate weight management requirements and therefore require expert engineering. R&M is one of very few companies on the market able to deliver this, and in fact is the global leader in this area. It also works with the naval and offshore sectors such as supply, ships, FPSOs, platforms and windfarm support vessels, naval vessels, and oil and gas tankers. It is currently undertaking a major new offshore platform outfitting project in Brazil, for example.

R&M is pro-active in maintaining its visibility and to do this the company is a frequent participant at trade fairs and exhibitions. As usual it will be at this year’s SMM event in Hamburg, Germany, between 4th and 7th September, where this year it will be celebrating its 125th birthday; its display will be located in Hall B5, booth 106, where it will be presenting an overview of its services and examples of its work.

The company’s website is also an important contact point for many potential clients. It therefore recently underwent a complete redesign to improve its aesthetics and user friendliness, so that this first point of contact reflects the care R&M gives to its products. The new site launched in July 2012.

R&M is already at the forefront of interior design and has worked with some of the biggest names and organisations in the world. Today the company is stronger than ever before and continues to improve its products and services to make sure customers receive the quality they expect from R&M’s reputation. Over the next few years it will target the energy sector as an area of growth, undertaking jobs both on support vessels and platforms, and continue strengthening its position as a reliable, worldwide and long-term partner for turnkey outfitting solutions.

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