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Ship’s Equipment Centre (SEC) Groningen is a manufacturer and global supplier of marine deck equipment based in The Netherlands. Founded in 1890 as a local supplier, more than a century of business has seen it grow to become a partner for shipyards, owners, and design bureaus across the world. Its range of products fall into three primary categories: winches, POOL anchors, and mooring equipment. Within these are models that have gained a reputation on the market for high quality engineering and reliable performance. Respected equipment is backed up with a keen customer support service. Together, they offer the maritime industry world-leading equipment.

SEC Groningen designs and manufactures all its Ten Horn Winches in-house, using decades of winch production experience to inform its designs. It offers to the market everything from simple anchor and mooring winches through to sophisticated towing and special application winches in both conventional electric and hydraulic winches, as well as combined electro-hydraulic turnkey models.

This combined drive winch type unites a winch gear driven by a variable hydraulic motor with an electrical motor driving the pump, meaning hydraulic piping between power pack and winch is unneeded. This makes the winch extremely simple and reliable. All of SEC Groningen’s winches are compliant with the latest equipment standards. A range of standardised models is available but the company also works with customers to realise custom designs for niche applications, and all can be provided with a remote anchor dropping system. Ten Horn Winches meet the approval of all major winch classifications around the world.

POOL anchors are SEC Gronignen’s range of high-end fabricated anchors designed for use by all ships across even conditions, and have large crownplates to prevent digging in too deep. The benefit of this is low breakout force, thus reducing damage and potential injuries.

The range consists of four primary models: TW-anchors, a high holding power (HHP) flat-fluke anchor designed for easy dig in; N-anchors, which are structurally similar to TW-anchors except that it uses bended plate flukes for higher resistance against bending forces; KM-anchors for mono bow applications, designed in conjunction with the Royal Dutch Navy and the Technical University of Delft and used by navies across the world; and the super high holding power (SHHP) anchor, intended for use by high speed light craft due to is 50 per cent reduction in weight. Furthermore, the company recently launch an upgraded version of the TW-anchor, the TWM-anchor, which improves its harsh environment performance by the addition of fluke side skirts and re-positioned stopper plate.

The third of SEC Groningen’s product lines is Fairtrans Mooring Equipment, which encompasses a range of products including chocks, warping rollers, bollards and fairleads. The entire range meets ISO and DIN compliance, and can be supplied in conjunction with advice on achieving optimal arrangement.

Fairtrans Mooring Equipment is available in numerous dimensions to fit the various purposes of end users, is kept in stock for immediate delivery, and arrives at the end user fully shotblasted and with one coat of shop primer. All Fairtrans Mooring Equipment models offer important advantages that make them stand out in the market: the double bollards, for example, come in the high strength figure of eight layout whilst its roller fairleads offer additional wear and tear protection. Like its winches and POOL anchors, all mooring equipment can be custom designed to meet specific end user applications.

Apart from products, SEC Groningen also brings support services to the market including assembly, installation and aftersales maintenance and repair. The company possesses a service team that is available 24/7 for remote support, whilst engineers can be sent to provide onshore in-situ maintenance or spare parts replacement when required. Not only is this available for its own range of winches, anchors, and mooring equipment but also to third party units.

SEC Groningen has for years been part of the Central Industry Group (CIG), a collection of companies providing services to the shipbuilding sector and complex architectural projects. Subsidiaries range in services from the Numeriek Centrum Groningen (NCG), which provides proprietary 3D design software NUPAS-CADMATIC, through fabrication and construction companies such as Shippipe Bremen, to vessel outfitters like SEC Gronignen. Whilst every company operates as an independent entity serving the needs of their market, CIG will sometimes bring them together on a major project to complement each other’s strengths to deliver a turnkey product.

The high quality and reliability of SEC Gronignen’s products, combined with its 24/7 customer service and strong connections within CIG means it has established itself as a foremost deck equipment supplier. It works with customers across all sectors, from leisure yachts to Arctic icebreakers, and has more than 120 years of experience behind it. This concrete position makes SEC Groningen the premier choice for clients on the global market.

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