Pioneering spirit

For more than a decade, DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT has been active in the field of designing and manufacturing of marine winches and naval equipment. As a specialised supplier of Towing Winches and Mooring Systems, robustness and reliability are the key elements in all of its equipment.

All DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT winches are 100 per cent in-house engineered at its ISO 9001:2008 certified office in Europe. The vast majority is built on a custom basis and according to the requirements of naval class societies like GL, DNV, BV, LR, RMRS and RINA. Through efficiently arranged production processes worldwide, it is able to deliver its equipment at a very competitive price level.

DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT works from a partner perspective with its customers, through a personal approach. By maintaining close dialogues with clients, it is committed to find technical solutions, with the dedication to deliver them as turnkey projects. It is proud to have earned a reputation among shipbuilders and fleet operators around the world as a supplier of robust and reliable equipment.

Its business activities can be divided in the following four categories: Winches, Deck Equipment, Special Projects And Offshore Solutions.

It has been two years since DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT was last featured in Shipping & Marine and, as general manager Piet Ter Schure highlights, the intervening time has been a good period for business: “Our core markets have remained the same, in terms of products and clients’ profile, whilst we’ve expanded the size of our team: in 2010 we had 50 staff members and now there are 70 people working with us across the world. DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT founded a special company for innovation (research) and development (MDI) that was established early 2012. The projects for DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT have become more complex and complete turnkey over the last years and in this perspective MDI will greatly contribute.”

The general manager goes on to discuss the new division more detail: “We have set up this separate company MDI for research and development (R&D)because we discovered that, by keeping the focus on innovation in-house, no progress would be made. Engineers are always busy responding promptly to new enquiries or working on running projects; a situation familiar to every company I believe. Marine Development & Innovation (MDI) comprises a part of the highly experienced engineers from DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT joined by enthusiastic newcomers. Since its foundation, MDI has already made improvements to some of our gearboxes/spooling device systems and frequency drives. At the moment the workload is concentrated on anti-shock technology and render & recovery improvements.”

DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT’s products, as above stated, are 100 per cent in-house engineered at its ISO 9001:2008 certified office and produced in locations situated in Europe. DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT offers European standards and guarantees for all of its deliveries, as well as superb quality and 24/7/365 after sales services. Strict guidelines and onsite supervisors oversee production whilst daily checks are carried out at every stage by DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT qualified inspectors. Pre-delivery testing is also carried out to ensure the user receives a product ready to operate upon delivery. This service has been essential in the brand’s success. Beyond installation, last but not least, DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT’s after sales servicing is 24/7/365 lifetime maintenance and repairs, including emergency services, and all of this worldwide.

For the last two years DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT has been offering offshore solutions to the oil and gas industry and with great success due to the increasingly stronger revenues allocated to this segment. The higher number of inquiries generated by the offshore industry has proved of great interest to DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT’s engineers and has been an important factor in the development of know-how regarding the complexity of these systems as well. All in all this is one of the key elements that lead to the establishment of MDI. The geography of the company’s market has changed as well. As vessel building moves eastward toward China, Korea, and Japan, so has the company’s client base. Earlier this year, for example, the company completed a major project supplying a DPII six-point mooring system for an LNG vessel being built in China.

“We are carrying out more and more business by the day with Asian shipbuilders and trying to make our prices competitive for the region,” Piet says. “To do this we are trying to find the balance between quality and value that satisfies the needs of our customers. We will never completely outsource everything to Asia but what has worked best so far is for the technology to come from our base in Europe and the steel fabrication to take place locally.”

He goes on to describe where this will lead DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT in the future: “At the moment we are focusing on our development of anti-shock and hybrid technology, as well as on successful delivery finalisation to our targeted markets planned for this year and the beginning of the next. The challenge we face is not only to get new products to the market on time but also to discuss the clients for important feedback and test them on vessels. The markets we are looking to are Brazil, India, China, and Australia where shipbuilding and the marine industry are growing faster than ever. We also consider entering North America, Canada, and the US, however not yet having a distribution network there, we face more difficult challenges than elsewhere in the world. Nonetheless, we are planning to grow slowly and manageably and with the same mentality that has defined DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT since its beginning. The company will maintain its strong identity, product quality and accurate services.”

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