Cultivating innovation

Since its earliest days, H. Henriksen Mek. Verksted A/S has been invested in equipment for the marine industry. The company was founded in 1856 by its namesake, Henrik Henriksen, and remains a family run business today headed by a fifth generation.

Guided by a philosophy that looks to meet customer requirements through the combination of engineering and production, H. Henriksen has created a number of unique products. Alongside this portfolio, the company’s greatest asset is its highly qualified and experienced employees, which work in close co-operation with the production lines, and modern 3D design and construction tools.

Located close to the quay in Tønsberg, Norway, H. Henriksen works with professional customers all around the world. The diversification of its product range has given rise to four main business areas: Hooks, REBS (Rapid Entering and Boarding System), oil spill recovery systems under the name Spillrecs, and Maritime for offshore equipment.

Known across the world, Henriksen Hooks are designed for fast rescue crafts, manoverboard boats, daughter crafts, rigid inflatable boats (RIB), and workboats. This includes quick release hooks ranging from 1.5 to 15 tonnes working load limit (WLL), painter hooks for towing line or hook, and other custom made products. The company also manufactures a number of related accessories such as lifting rings, protection handles, remote release handles, and swivel joints.

At the beginning of September, H. Henriksen sent its first Autodock system for sea trials, and testing offshore. The latest addition within the Hooks division, the Autodock system has been developed over a number of years in close co-operation with Statoil. The system enables even easier and safer launch of man-overboard boats, and with Henriksen Hooks having been a trusted life-saving product for many years, Autodock represents an even greater step to reducing operational risk. The initial system is designed for a WLL of ten tonnes but will have greater proportions on future solutions.

The company’s second business area, REBS, was established back in 2005 as a result of developments carried out in co-operation with the Norwegian defence establishment and Norwegian forces. Designed for marine operations in the North Sea, this equipment is therefore suitable for the worst possible operational conditions. Continuous development under the REBS banner over the intervening years has resulted in a complete package of boarding and entering equipment for reaching a higher vantage point, climbing, or accessing buildings, in both marine and urban environments.

H. Henriksen offers complete REBS packages, which are put together in close co-operation with user feedback, and contain all of the necessary equipment for different boarding or entry situations. Additional products in the range include REBS Grapnel Hooks for boarding, carbon fibre REBS Ladders, and telescopic, windup and pneumatic poles. The REBS Launcher completes the series as the perfect tool for entering buildings, bridges, ships, platforms or scaling cliffs, and crossing ravines or rivers, in military and rescue situations. Powered by pressured air, the REBS Launcher is salt-water resistant, easy loading, and has low noise properties.

More recently H. Henriksen has been proud to present a new REBS feature – the Magnetic Climbing System. Made up of magnetic climbing shoes and handgrips for climbing metal surfaces, the Magnetic Climbing System can support the weight of a fully equipped operator. This enables trained users of the system to rapidly enter a vessel or building with minimal noise, time, and boarding gear. Aimed at specialist forces and police, the Magnetic Climbing System is waterproof for all weather conditions, and is even possible to attach from a diving position.

The final two divisions of H. Henriksen are both concerned with maritime and offshore usage. Spillrecs incorporates a number of high capacity oil recovery systems, with little water collection, for use on a wide range of viscosities and temperatures. Each system is therefore different from the FoxTail skimmer which can deal with waves, ice and floating objects, and the KLK FoxDrum skimmer that handles high oil viscosities, to the portable FoxBlower which can be used with all types of absorbent material. In comparison, the Maritime division offers not a set product range, but development services for customised projects in the maritime and offshore industry.

Attention had yet again been drawn to the innovative nature of the company with its recent award of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) Innovation Prize 2012. H. Henriksen has long cultivated a culture of innovation in order to produce lightweight, sophisticated, and well-thought out products in all of its business streams. More so though, with over 155 years of history behind it this award helps cement the notion that just because a company is long established doesn’t mean it can’t be open to change, and by continuing to look at its clients needs with fresh eyes H. Henriksen will keep creating products to match.

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