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Mantsinen Group is a Finnish manufacturer of hydraulic lifting solutions. It began in 1974 as a wood handling company but growing business led to expanding capabilities: in 1984 the company began modifying existing machines and in 1998 finally began production of its own product range. Today the company runs both its logistic services and hydraulic crane manufacture business segments. Both are run according to the company’s guiding principle of improving the efficiency, speed, and safety of customers’ operations.

Mantsinen’s logistic services include handling operations, consultation on process improvement, securing contract and maintenance agreement prices, and machine services and rentals. The company operates handling solutions throughout Finland, Russia, and the Baltic on more than 25 million tonnes of round wood, wood chips, sawn timber, coal, steel, and recycling materials annually. Fleets of cranes ranging from a single unit up to 20 can be supplied to a client location, most of which are Mantsinen’s own machines.

The range of cranes in Mantsinen’s portfolio run from the small 50 to the large 200, the numbers reflecting approximate weight of the machine. The last time the company was featured in Shipping & Marine (issue 11 2011) the 120 HybriLift had just been launched, with the company rumouring that another model was to be released in 2012. Subsequently, in early 2012, Mantsinen announced the addition of the 70 to its range, and in late 2012 the 90.

Sales director Tapio Ingervo talks about this new 90 model: “This brand new crane completes our existing series by providing a step between the smaller 70 and larger 120 models. The 90 bears the same advantages and variety of options as the other machines in its family – including choices for the crane, cabin, cabin lift, mobility system, and the option of either a diesel engine or electric motor – but is ideal for certain smaller applications that our larger machines may be too big for. Like all of our other products, it can be equipped with our innovative HybriLift system.”

The HybriLift system is a one of the cornerstones of Mantsinen’s portfolio. It is an energy-saving mechanism that can reduce energy costs by one-third and sometimes even more depending on the crane’s usage. This is achieved through the use of energy accumulators, a unique energy storage and redelivery system. In addition, there is a swing system with closed loop circuit and two swing motors improving operator comfort and fuel efficiency. The method was first tested in 2006 and installed onto a commercial crane in 2008. Most of Mantsinen products since have utilised the HybriLift system.

The energy saved by HybriLiftmeans a Mantsinen crane requiresa smaller engine than traditional counterparts, the result of which is savings on fuel costs and better performance. Field tests have shown the Mantsinen cranes perform equally as well if not better than traditional harbour cranes of much bigger size. This also has the auxiliary benefit of being able to build smaller cranes that are more suited, for example, to the many small ports operating along the Scandinavian coastline and river ports all around the world.

The move toward energy saving has been one of the defining characteristic for Mantsinen for many years. “Though true worldwide, the importance of reducing energy costs is especially true for European countries – and therefore our core client base – because of the generally higher prices in the region,” Tapio says. “Many of our customers that actually still have older working machines are replacing them with our cranes because they see the advantages in terms of cost reduction, noise reduction, and fewer parts needing to be replaced. Our more advanced technology, in particular the combination of HybriLift and electric motor, provides very practical benefits that are good not only for our own logistic operations but for the end users and customers of our cranes as well.”

A recent contract for Mantsinen saw the customisation of a 200, commonly used for handling steel coils and other heavy bulk materials, to handle containers as well. This innovative development represents a big opportunity for the company, particularly in its core Nordic, European and Russian markets, because many of the small ports along the Scandinavian coast and on the European and Russian rivers will handle also containers but at a far lower rate than bulk materials. Often the cost of buying container-specific machines is too much. Being able to buy a single unit that can handle both bulk and containers will prove hugely efficient for clients, and subsequently open a new market for Mantsinen. “In addition, we have got recently inquiries for Mantsinen cranes able to handle containers also for Asian and American markets,” adds Tapio.

Mantsinen’s reputation has spread as a result of these types of advantages offered by its products, and business during the last few years has grown as a result of a concerted effort to the widen the sales network. “2012 will be a good year for us,” states Tapio. “We have been quite successful in both Nordic countries and Russia, as well as in other export markets, and despite Europe being generally quiet we have gained a number of large orders and projects that we are very happy with. Looking at the order book for 2013, we are predicting the trend of good business will continue. We are confident about the future.”

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