Completing the chain

Megaton Shipping Pte Ltd is a Singapore based freight forwarding company that has been providing quality logistics services since it was originally established in 1991. Since that time the business has provided a wide range of quality logistics services and solutions, ranging from sea freight, airfreight, customs clearance and warehousing services, to marine insurance and projects. The company prides itself on building long-term relationships with clients in order to provide the best possible logistics solution and it is a long-standing member of the Singapore Logistics Association.

Offering logistics services requires working closely with individual clients to provide a tailored and quality solution, as Kevin Lim, director at Megaton Shipping, explains: “We are flexible in our approach when dealing with clients. Being a freight forwarder, our business is about customising our services to suit the needs and requirements of our clients. The international freight forwarding business encompasses a wide range of services, from accessing a range of multi-modal transport options through to customs arrangements and any warehousing solutions that the customer may require. At Megaton Shipping we have access and proven ability to offer all these services and that is why customers continue to choose us.

“Another factor in our success is the experience that we have within the business,” he continues. “For example, the company’s managing director, Mr Danny Lim, has at least 45 years of experience in the shipping industry and knowledge of the Russian market, which has helped to further our credibility in the industry and increased our reach to customers.”

Being a logistics business, Megaton Shipping works with companies in a broad range of industries and in a number of locations. As well as working in Singapore, the company has established its own offices in Malaysia in Pasir Gudang and another in Port Klang, in order to better serve customers in the region and take advantage of the growth opportunities there. Megaton is also an authorised agent of Pacific Gates Container Lines (PGCL), a Russian-based carrier servicing FCL cargoes moving to and from inland Russia via Vladivostok and Vostochny.

“Our clients are varied and anyone or any company that requires their goods to be moved from one place to another is effectively our target audience,” says Kevin. “For our Central Asia and Mongolia services however, at present we are focusing on business coming from Southeast Asia to Central Asia and Mongolia. Overall our clients can range from companies in the food industry, through to automobile industry clients and companies working in the oil and gas sectors.”

The company is placing emphasis on ensuring transported goods arrive at the designated destination on time and in the most economical manner. “Airfreight complements our sea freight business,” says Kevin, elaborating on what the company can offer. “Should a client require urgent goods to be delivered we are in the position to handle this via airfreight. This actually occurs quite regularly, especially for businesses that require materials or machinery parts to be replaced urgently to avoid production delays. As a freight forwarder we have to be flexible and nimble in our approach in the services that we offer so that our clients can approach us knowing we are working towards a one-stop-shop mindset.”

Megaton Shipping is a growing business and in recent years this growth has continued with the company working on a number of projects, as Kevin explains: “Megaton has expanded through the years, meaning that we are now handling business that we have never before worked on, from managing inventories for European-based companies that want to use Singapore as a hub for distribution of goods within Asia to developing new shipping lanes, such as the Central Asia and Mongolia lines I mentioned previously.

“In the last two years we have undertaken a number of projects that required various services. For example, these ranged from the road transportation and installation of a ship’s anchor from Singapore to Port Klang, Malaysia, through to moving a showroom for a residential developer from Singapore to India. Two other notable projects include moving most parts of the Tanjung Pagar railway station (in Singapore) and over 100 staff quarters from Singapore to Malaysia undertaken together with our Malaysian office, Navegacion Shipping, and the co-ordination of the logistical movement of conference items to and from various locations for the 9th Asia Europe Ministers Meeting (ASEM 9) held in Laos.”

Clearly business continues to look positive for Megaton Shipping and Kevin remains optimistic about the future. “We are confident that the logisitics business will remain strong. Even if there are cyclical market movements ultimately everyone will always require logistics to move their goods around. In the coming years we will continue to put more focus on developing the Central Asia and Mongolia services as well as looking to utilise new automation technology to improve our processes, while at the same time giving our clients better value for money and the highest quality services. Our business will continue to encompass the whole logistical chain so that are clients can find value in all of the services that we offer,” he concludes.

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