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Headquartered in Dubai, Emarat Maritime is one of the most successful and prominent ship operating companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Capt. Jitendra Misra has been managing director of the company since 1997 and he believes that the key to its success is its ability to adapt to changing trends in global shipping. He noted: “With a unique blend of experience and youth in the management team, the company is able to remain focused on all aspects of the business.

“We also are known in the market for our young, modern, well-maintained and efficient vessels. We completed a four-year newbuild programme in 2011 – a drive that has seen the company gain industry recognition through the development of award-winning vessels such as its ‘Dubai Sun’ – the world’s first super Handymax vessel.”

In fact, the International Bulk Journal and Lloyd’s List nominated the Dubai Sun Ship of the Year in 2010 and highlights Emarat’s green credentials: “This vessel was the first to get the Class NK Environmental Awareness notation and has a number of other innovative features,” said Capt. Misra. “Conceptualised and designed jointly by us and the Japanese shipyard where she was built, the vessel has a high fuel efficiency and higher speed. In addition, we have installed the MariNOx system (marine diesel engine emissions monitoring system) in all our vessels to maximise emission control via the monitoring of nitrogen oxide, sulphur oxide and carbon dioxide emissions.”

In addition to the Ship of the Year award, Emarat Maritime has also received several other accolades over the past years. “We have won the Lloyds Tanker Operator Awards in 2009, 2011, 2012 and the Seatrade Bulk Operator Awards in 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011,” Capt. Misra noted. “Winning the Seatrade environment and protection award in 2012 was a very rewarding experience for us and it makes us very proud to be recognised for our work and dedication to operating within the parameters set out by the maritime industry for the protection of our environment and help build a better, cleaner future for all living things.

“We have always kept abreast of developments in standards and regulatory requirements relating to environmental protection, in accordance with the increased industry focus on this area. We believe it is important for ship owners to endeavour to go beyond the norms that people expect when it comes to sustainable behaviour, which in many cases will also have a positive effect on the bottom line.”

On a day-to-day basis Emarat Maritime is involved in the transportation of dry bulk and tanker cargo, supported by a multi-national, skilled team of professionals that provide the highest quality of service. “Emarat Maritime operates three business units – the Commercial unit, the Finance unit and the Operations unit,” highlighted Capt. Misra. “The Commercial unit manages pre-fixture and post-fixture operations. The Finance unit manages all of the business activities of the group – dealing with the banks and budgeting for maintaining the facilities. The Operations division comprises senior shore staff and experienced Master Mariners, who run the fleet; provide technical management, quality and safety, and training; and who look after personnel matters and procurement.

“In addition, the Technical department provides numerous services ranging from vessel inspection, maintenance and repair to cargo inspections. Emarat Maritime has arrangements with various dockyards to which it regularly takes ships when their maintenance requires dry-docking. Most routine maintenance is undertaken according to a regular schedule plan drawn up by a technical maintenance team.

“Moreover, since we undertake our own technical management, we ensure that all our vessels are always well maintained. We offer a very high quality service, and the vessels are of a very high standard. Our customers are confident that their cargo will be delivered undamaged, safely, and with the minimum of delay.”

Another benefit that customers receive from working with Emarat is through its membership of BIMCO, Intercargo, Intertanko, ICC-IMB and The Baltic Exchange. Capt. Misra noted that the company finds these relationships very valuable: “Apart from participating in the drafting of industry strategy, we are part of organisations that are dedicated to quality and safety. We also contribute to the Round Table’s (Intercargo, Intertanko, ICS, BIMCO & ISF) effort in creating a ‘United Front of Shipping’. Our association with Intercargo has also helped us to improve our Rightship rating which is a positive in these depressed markets.”

Given the still uncertain economic situation in the maritime arena, Capt. Misra noted that the company is taking a cautious approach to the next few years: “We are going to wait and watch how markets develop because of a number of factors that we believe will affect global shipping in the years to come. Efforts are being directed onto improving fuel efficiency through new fuel formulations, engine designs and new hull forms and to find ways of reducing GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions. The opening of the new Panama Canal will also bring about changes in vessel sizes.

“When we combine our research with more than two decades of experience in the industry and our young, dynamic fleet, I think it will help us maximise our opportunities for further growth in the years to come.”

Emarat Maritime
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