Built on tradition

Parkol Marine Engineering continues in a long tradition of boat building and boat repair in Whitby, in the UK. From its wharf side position, the company provides a full range of modern services supported by the highest levels of craftsmanship and a dedication to customer service that is second to none.

With around 30 skilled craftspeople working for the company and many more sub contracting businesses, Parkol Marine has built a very strong team that features individuals with a wealth of experience in the shipbuilding and repair markets. This means it can undertake a variety of projects, from basic repairs to complicated designs and new builds. A great example of how Parkol Marine works and which illustrates its willingness to embrace new technology is a newly delivered white fish trawler called Our Lass III WY261. This was designed in York by Ian Paton of S C McAllister and built by Parkol Marine for Locker Trawlers, and one of the key reasons the owners ordered a new boat was to reduce running costs. Parkol Marine was able to deliver on this request, and the skippers have already been impressed by Our Lass III’s fuel economy during trials. The level of fuel economy in itself appears to justify their decision and as oil prices are expected to go up, the savings can only increase.

In fact, ship designer Ian Paton has worked with Parkol since 1997, designing all the boats built to date. In this area the company will start with clients’ ideas, develop the concept, detail the design, and then follow through during production to assure that the resulting vessel will meet all expectations. The process includes the use of highly technical 3D computer modelling, as it is the most efficient and accurate means of defining hull form, and offers the business access to powerful design, visualisation, and analysis tools. This allows Parkol to optimise the design in terms of form, structure, performance, stability and sea keeping.

While designing and building commercial fishing trawlers such as Our Lass III is a major part of Parkol Marine’s business, the company is also experienced in the creation and repair of a range of other types of craft, including workboats, pleasure- and motor craft.

One example of the diversity of the vessels that have been created at the yard is the HM Bark Endeavour, a replica boat which is two-fifths the size of Captain Cook’s historical ship, and was built at Parkol Marine for Scarborough-based Colin and Rachael Jenkinson as a pleasure craft. This contract also highlights Parkol’s flexibility and ability to adapt, as traditional boat building skills were revived in the construction of the ship, using techniques that were around in Captain Cook’s day.

Over the years each of these newly built vessels has presented Parkol Marine with a fresh challenge. Its own highly skilled craftsmen and support staff have used their wealth of knowledge and experience to meet these challenges, helping to bring its clients’ dreams to life.

Alongside the creation of these new vessels, Parkol Marine also runs a busy repair and refurbishment service. Its dry dock can accommodate vessels up to 42 metres or two smaller vessels at once and slip up to 70 vessels a year. It was built by its own staff in 1997 and then underwent a complete refurbishment at Sunderland in December 2008. The dry dock is suitable for vessels up to five-metre draught and 10.5m beam, with plans for expansion.

The services on offer are wide ranging and include fabrication in steel, alloy, and stainless steel, refits including electrical and electronic services, power cleaning, shot blasting and painting, all shipwright repairs, all types of deck machinery, trawl doors and door renewal, DTI surveys and insurance work. A prime example of its lead on making towing vessels more efficient is on a vessel called Devotion, who had her propeller and nozzle replaced with a new in house designed fuel-efficient system earlier this year. The nozzle was fabricated in Parkol Marine’s own workshop with the progress on the project updated regularly on the company’s comprehensive website: www.parkol.co.uk. Devotion has since demonstrated a consistent 20 per cent saving in fuel and a significant noise reduction.

Over the past two decades, Parkol Marine has worked hard to earn a reputation for build quality. Today its name represents the commitment and dedication of everyone connected with the shipyard and its outstanding attention to quality. By striving to deliver world class service every time, Parkol Marine can continue to create the sort of vessels one would expect to originate from a yard of this pedigree.

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