A diverse service

As the operators of Poland’s one of the largest and oldest shipyard, Remontowa SA has developed a reputation as a company synonymous with quality and expertise. With 15 vessels currently under construction, four of them powered by LNG propulsion, the yard boasts a full order book until mid 2015. Wholly owned by Remontowa Group, the company’s slipways and docks allow for the construction of a diverse range of vessels. Operating seven floating docks, the yard’s quays are well equipped with essential infrastructure, such as 24 cranes with the ability to lift up to 300 tonnes.

“Remontowa Group is the largest group in the north of Poland and contains 26 companies; the core of these is Remontowa Ship Repair, which focuses on conversions, followed by Remontowa Shipbuilding, which takes care of newbuildings,” says Jan Paszkowski, director of commerce at Remontowa SA. “The latter began in 2005 when Remontowa SA acquired the nearby Northern Shipyard and renamed it Remontowa Shipbuilding. This yard was built in 1945 with most of the production located under a roof, which at the time was used to allow the building of vessels for the Polish, USSR, Bulgarian, Yugoslavian and East German navies after the Second World War. These days, covered production facilities are a great asset as they offer weather protection during production.”

Currently Remontowa Shipbuilding only employs approximately 700 workers and around 1500 subcontractors, while Remontowa Group employs approximately 4500 workers at and subcontractors in its two shipyards located in Gdasnk, Poland. On the Baltic Sea, Remontowa SA is a leader among European ship repair yards and a huge player in the world market, repairing or converting more than 200 vessels and offshore units for clients across the globe each year. Alongside several affiliated companies and subsidiaries that are also members of Remontowa Group, the company offers a wide range of ship repair and shipbuilding services for ferries, container carriers, floating docks, training and research ships, offshore units and steel structures.

“To give an example of our diversity and the range of interesting projects we are involved in, Remontowa SA is currently building ten PSVs for a US customer, one LNG powered PSV for a Norwegian client, and three LNG ferries for Norwegian and Danish owners that are going to be revolutionary. We also have a number of Navy projects and a series of ice breaker container vessels for the arctic,” says Jan. To support this comprehensive range of services offered, the company’s yard is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and essential infrastructure. Nevertheless, the company is keen to not unnecessarily over invest, instead making financial decisions based on the orders it receives, as Jan elaborates further: “Our investments tend to depend on the orders we are getting so with a niche being developed for bigger vessels we have been building a reinforced large launching facility. We also have a very large storage and outfitting hall where all of the supplies come straight from the tracks under the roof; we are now planning to enlarge this platform to double its size.”

Following its construction of the first Polish built LNG carrier in May 2008, Remontowa SA has developed a strong foothold in the production of LNG propulsion vessels, with a contract for the construction of two specialist vessels intended for supplying oil mining and oil drilling rigs signed on 5th July 2013. Valued at nearly 100 million euros, the contract will be for the first supply vessels powered by LNG-fuelled engines; the vessels will be fully constructed in Gdansk and will be equipped with cutting edge navigation systems, including gas-electric propulsion, firefighting system Fi-Fi 2, advanced dynamical positioning system DP2 and facilities for the containment of oil spills. Confident that the successful completion of this innovative project will result in further orders from customers within this sector, the company plans to expand its operations further into the Norwegian LNG market.

Specialising in the offshore and ferry markets, the company is cautious about focusing on any core business area in a complex and ever changing industry and instead is keen to remain flexible. Recent projects in ship repair and conversion area include the upgrade and modernisation of three Maersk vessels, Maersk Launcher, Maersk Lancer and Maersk Leader, which received improvements such as new working deck coverage, stern installed A-frames to facilitate heavy anchor handling and the conversion of two fuel tanks into chain lockers. Furthermore, Leader and Launcher had an additional anchor  170 T pull-handling winch installed to ensure ultra-deep water anchor handling.

Another recent major project for Remontowa Shiprepair and Conversion involved the conversion of shuttle tanker Siri Knutsen into the world’s largest well-stimulation vessel (WSV), while also retaining its shutter tanker capabilities. Up to 19 various major items of equipment, mainly well stimulation system components, have been installed as well as new dedicated piping and electrical systems. On top of this, Remontowa SA installed a new accommodation module to house quarters for additional crew of 18 and the well stimulation system control room.

All of the above activities require adherence to stringent health and safety standards. Remontowa Group’s yards have developed their own safety departments that meet the highest offshore requirements. The yards also run their own, well-equipped Fire Brigade that serves both yards and the City of Gdásk if required.

Fully booked until mid 2015, and as vessels continue to require repairs or conversions, global energy demand continues to rise and the market for liquefied gas grows, the future looks positive for Remontowa.

Remontowa SA
Operators of Poland’s oldest and largest shipyard
Offers a range of ship repair and shipbuilding related services
Undisputed leader in gas-powered ferries in Northern Europe