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Founded in 1976, privately owned shipping firm Gestion Maritime has grown from humble origins as a small family company into a major global provider of dry cargo bulk carriers. Offering a comprehensive range of high quality shipping services and tonnages for the global transportation of dry bulk cargoes, such as coal, grains, iron ore, bauxite, steel products and fertlizers, the company manages and operates six Panamax and two Kamsarmax size vessels with a total tonnage of approximately 680,000 dwt and an annual carrying capacity of 4.3 million tonnes. Furthermore, Gestion Maritime’s expertise and dedication to quality service has resulted in a substantial and growing competitive advantage in the dry bulk market.

“Gestion Maritime currently manages eight bulkers and is supervising the construction oftwo tankers; additional vessels are anticipated to join our fleet shortly,” says Danilo Fumarola, CEO of Gestion Maritime. “We are a one-stop-shop, offering the full package of ship-owning services at the best possible level. It’s an approach that is ruled according to the traditional precepts of the past, combined with a modern and young view of the market, with an innovative and open communication between the team at Gestion Maritime and our international customer base.”

Benefitting from being a trusted name in a changing shipping market, Gestion Maritime views reliability and reputation as key drivers to its ongoing growth and success. Fully compliant with the latest MLC International Conventions dealing with on board labour standards, Gestion Maritime is also ISO 9001 and14001 certified;it is also in the process of gaining the ISO 50001 certification for energy management on board. This commitment to high standards is a huge advantage to the company as it expands into the tanker market, as Danilo explains further: “Our quality and safety system developed for our dry bulkers was already at tanker level and developed by tanker specialists. The level of innovation on tankers is currently more advanced than the dry sector, which has facilitated our R&D activity to shift and fit new technology from wet to dry. Moreover, our superior level of management combined with our expertise on dry bulkers is bringing Gestion Maritime to successfully differentiate our vessels on the market.”

Known as Panamax and Kamsarmax ship managers, the company’s intention to becomeknown for high quality services in both dry andliquid segments has progressed with the order of two 50,000 dwt IMO II MR newbuildings to be constructed at Hunday Mipo Shipyard, South Korea, and delivered by mid 2015. The tankers will have the highest fuel efficiency, with savings of $6000 to $8000 per day in comparison to existing MR tankers. “This move represents Gestion Maritime’s debut in the wet sector, which will bring significant advantages to the company in terms of better exploitation and further development of internal know-how, more diversification in terms of vessel types and the possibility to transfer new tanker technologies onto dry bulk,” says Danilo. “Before continuing with the further development of our tankers fleet, we shall carry on with our dry bulk sector first, which remains our core business. We remain fully committed to the expansion of our presence in this specific sector and thus developing an increasingly stronger position.”

Boasting long-term relationships with companies such as Cargill, EDF, Glencore and Ultrabulk, the concept of customer service is an important role in the company’s business model, as Danilo highlights: “Our list of charterers include top mining companies, utilities, top traders and operators; with this in mind we are accepted and credited by all Stock Listed Customers who require diligence and full transparency on financial statements. We aim to ensure our customers receive smooth operations by offering high standard vessels and the best services.”

Covering a full range of services, such as crew, technical, safety/vetting and quality, risk, insurance, operations, commercial management, administration and finance, the company is particularly focused on research and development, which has resulted in Gestion Maritime setting up its own formula in building new generation ships and improving the efficiency and green footprint of second hand tonnages in relation to the requirements to reduce CO2, NOx, Sox emissions from incoming International Regulation. Complying with all current and proposed environmental regulations, as part of the international code and regulatory requirements, is a core business strategy for this ship management firm.

As a team of approximately 20, Gestion Maritime’s personnel are well experienced, educated, young and dynamic. They are spread between the company’s two offices, its headquarters based in Monaco, where commercial, administration and crew matters are dealt with, and the office based in Riejka, Croatia, which is the heart of the firm’s technical management, research and developmentand other operations.Dedicated to establishing standards of work and internal career paths that fulfill expectations of staff, Gestion Maritime offers its employees a stimulating work environment with potential for progression.

Over the coming years the company aims to focus on head-hunting high quality shipping personnel in order to strengthen its team further and help facilitate the management of a growing fleet that will continue growing in the future, as Danilo concludes: “Our vision is to become a benchmark tonnage provider and to play a key role between the shipbuilding world and top operators. We also aim to connect those who employ vessels every day and those who build them by intercepting the changes in trading and the operations of vessels and bringing in a new shipbuilding formula. We also aim to reduce the average age of our fleet, enhancing our vessels so they are more modern and efficient.”

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