Addressing the challenges

TTS NMF is situated in the southwest of Hamburg, Germany, at the mouth of the river Este. The company, which was part of the Sietas Group, has been producing cranes and hydraulic equipment since 1968, and today offers its clients an extensive range of products supported by worldwide service and a hard working team.

As TTS NMF is focused exclusively on the manufacture of marine and offshore cranes, it is able to offer a variety of products designed for every conceivable application. TTS NMF cranes are characterised by their narrow footprint and their indefinite slewing range of 360˚. All electrical and hydraulic components are arranged inside the crane house in order to achieve the triple advantage of protection from marine atmosphere, ease of maintenance and service as well as maximum operation safety. TTS NMF builds sleek cranes that move smoothly and reliably and do not get in the way. As Thies Bliemeister, head of engineering, noted: ‘Our designs are known for their elegance and superior structure.’

As TTS NMF’s prime concern lies with the protection of clients’ investment, it pays special attention to the design aspects that extend the life of cranes. All mechanical and electrical components are installed inside the crane house to safeguard them from the hostile marine climate and improve safety. Indeed, TTS NMF is known for its emphasis upon this latter area. Its cranes and lifting equipment are designed to protect the equipment from operator error and adverse environmental conditions, and are designed and manufactured in rigorous accordance with international safety standards and certified by recognised authorities such as GL, BV, LRS, DNV and ABS. Equipment and fitted components are arranged for easy maintenance, while standard automatic speed regulation during starts reduces wear on the drums. TTS NMF cranes are power-regulated so that all three movements can be operated simultaneously at maximum speed. TTS NMF cranes also have a low overall height to maintain stability of the vessel.

The sorts of features highlighted above have evolved through investment in research and development and a dedication to working in close co-operation with customers. As a result of this strategy TTS NMF has created numerous custom-made designs such as the slim crane DK III, specialised service cranes with electric sea-motion followers, telescoping and knuckle boom cranes or service cranes with automatic positioning assistance and steering gear.

‘TTS NMF products are known to be robust, reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain,’ Ralf Ressel, managing director of TTS-NMF, sums up. ‘Our exquisite quality and cost effectiveness is rooted in German craftsmanship in the production and assembly of European components made to our specifications for heavy lift cranes.’

Alongside taking a pride in the quality and usefulness of its products, TTS NMF is very committed to technology and solutions that will help make efficient use of the world’s natural resources. To this end, it creates reliable, safe and innovative solutions for the growing market of producing energy offshore, and today brings state-of-the-art lifting technology and an imaginative engineering team to the hoisting challenges associated with the erection and maintenance of offshore wind turbine farms.

In addition to its standard combinations of service and boat control cranes (BPK) and the combined crane, and rescue system (KD Kombi-Davit) for life boats, most of its heavy cargo performance cranes (DK II and V) can be used in offshore operations. Tasks such as the loading of supply vessels, windmill towers, turbines and blades, the installation of windmills, deck and subsea lifts are accomplished efficiently with TTS equipment fitted with electric sea-motion followers or an Active Heave Compensation system.

Furthermore, the company’s commitment to expanding the product range has resulted in a number of successful collaborations with world-leading customers in heavy lift shipping. Recently, TTS NMF designed, constructed and produced several heavy lift cranes for jack-up vessels – its expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of cranes and hydraulic equipment allows the company to offer integrated turnkey solutions for hydraulic jack-up systems.

TTS NMF deep-sea cranes are intended for operation on offshore construction vessels and semi-submersibles and are operable to up to 2000m water depths. Like others, this NMF product can be equipped with Active Heave Compensation.

Over the four decades it has been in existence, NMF has evolved from a traditional manufacturer into a highly co-ordinated, consistently productive and efficient industrial company. It is dedicated to fulfilling all clients’ requirements, and takes pride in its direct and active long-term relationships with its customers. ‘TTS NMF has a soul,’ Sascha Reetz, improvement manager, remarked about the company-wide sense of personal commitment. Also thanks to its dedication to pursuing innovation, quality and overall excellence, TTS NMF is now an integral part of the worldwide TTS Group of companies supplying a large number of products for the marine, offshore, heavy lift, port, yard, and mega yacht industries worldwide.

TTS NMF is now ready to set the stage for the next phase of its growth. Its experience and vision will serve to strengthen a prime position in the offshore and heavy cargo market while exploring new markets, new products and new services to ensure the success of customers in today’s flexible economic environment.

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