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Constantly growing in scope and expertise since its inception in 1994, Israel based Dynamic Shipping Services (DSS) Ltd has gained an excellent reputation as a highly reputable first class shipping firm, providing ship management services, agency services, sale and purchase, chartering, brokerage and consultancy services. Specialising in special project cargoes, general cargo vessels, container vessels, Ro-Ro-Ro vessels, bulk carriers and tankers of all types, the forward thinking firm’s strategic goal is to provide the best possible personal service to all charterers and owners calling at all Israeli ports.

As a progressive, high quality and reputable company, the success of DSS lies in its wide spectrum of services and the efficiency of its personnel. The company is also a member of the Israeli Chamber of Shipping, a non-profit organisation that promotes the interests of its members on a national and international level, as well as the Israeli Chamber of Commerce. “The experience we have in agency services and ship management allows us to give excellent service to our customers,” highlights Zimi Cohen, general manager and chairman of DSS. “In the last year we have provided agency services to over 300 vessels, servicing owners and operators worldwide, and charterers in Israel.

The agency department is run by professional people who have many years of experience in the ports, are available 24/7, and are able to give immediate solutions to any occurrences. Their long-term good relationships with the port’s officials also enable quick, efficient and excellent performances, which mean that the vessel is kept in the port for as little time as possible, thus saving money for the owners and operators.

The ship management department provides full management services to its close ship owners, including everything from documentation, certificates, insurance, crewing and dry docking, spare parts, as well as commercial management. Sales and purchasing of vessels are also is available to clients.

DSS also offers forwarding services in Israel, for imports and exports, by sea and by air, of all types of cargoes, such as loading/discharge of goods, haulage from/to the site, hire of heavy cranes, surveys, customs clearance, purchase and/or hire of containers, lashing services, and tally services. Furthermore, it provides logistic services to its importers, monitoring and managing their stock of raw materials, and co-ordinating next supply by ship, whenever necessary, in order to assure fluent production.

The chartering department fixes ships for import and export for customers, either bulk cargoes, general cargoes, project cargoes, or dangerous goods. It also provides employment to the ships that are under management of the company. Furthermore, long-term contracts of affreightment (COA) have been fixed, allowing long-term employment for the ships, and providing long-term regular work, notwithstanding the actual market conditions.

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, DSS has the capabilities and expertise to supply the best shipping solutions at short notice in a short time frame, and at competitive prices. It’s policy is to greet everyone with a big smile, to give the clients the feeling that they are always right, to make everyone feel ‘at home’, as well as provide perfectly clear, transparent and honest accountancy, without derogating from the skills and knowledge of the human factor. These factors have ensured DSS retains its clientele and stands out against its competitors. Having gained an excellent reputation, the company has ties with ship owners and charterers around the world, who trust its expertise.

Since appearing in Shipping and Marine magazine in July 2012, Zimi elaborates on recent developments: “Things have been relatively steady, with an increase of 20 per cent annually over the last two years, and the market has remained quite strong; however there has been a huge development through the discovery of Israel’s natural gas reserves, which is changing the whole perspective of energy in our area. Due to this development we have been concentrating more on the offshore oil and gas industry as there is a lot of equipment going on and off rigs such as pipes and drilling equipment.”

With an eye for upcoming opportunities, DSS first became involved in the LNG sector in 2004 due to the activity relating to its previous experience in shipping coal. A service provider to various military industries, DSS is familiar with handling break-bulk, military and hazardous cargoes.

The Oil & Gas department was established in 2003 following a vision that this is the field of the future, and a decision has been taken to focus and concentrate on developing the LNG sector in Israel. “In 2004 we began studying and eventually investing in LNG feeder vessels and in 2006 we began activities in promoting offshore services, receiving terminals, which led to several consultancies in LNG projects in several parts of the world,” says Zimi, “and that was well before unbelievable huge reserves of natural gas have been discovered in the East Mediterranean Sea, between Cyprus and Israel.”

Focused on LNG feeders between 2500 and 30,000 cubic meters, DSS has so far been involved in a number of small-scale projects, both upstream and downstream, gaining valuable experience from these operations. With this knowledge, the company can also offer expert advice to different governments and companies on this burgeoning sector. Proud to be one of the few organisations in Israel involved in and calling for the proliferation of LNG as a feasible fuel source, DSS has spoken to a vast amount of audiences to explain to the public, large firms, government, and parliament members the ability and availability of LNG.

While the LNG supply chain in the Middle East continued to develop, the company stepped into other related sectors by growing the full small-scale supply chain for LNG before moving into offshore receiving terminals (FSRUs) on behalf of the nation’s government in 2008. The sector is gaining steady momentum while the company awaits government tenders. “We are committed to LNG and have pushed for the FSRUs to be seen as the best solution for the country’s needs; we think this could be the big breakthrough in the future for Israel, which is why we participate in conventions that enable us to be in contact with major players in these fields,” says Zimi. This dedication has ensured DSS’s position at the forefront of the LNG market and thus guaranteed its involvement in future projects in years to come.

Specialises in cargo solutions
Been involved in the LNG sector since 2004
Constantly grown in expertise since its inception