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Over the course of the last 85 years Frydenbø Sabb Motor AS has manufactured and delivered well over 85,000 diesel engines. A cornerstone company in Bergen since it began in 1925, 10,000 engines had been delivered by 1958, and 50,000 by 1976. From 1960 onwards Frydenbø Sabb Motor moved into the development of diesel engines for the lifeboat industry, where it remains one of the leading manufacturers in the world today.

“Our lifeboat engines are distributed to every corner of the world through lifeboat builders in three continents,” begins Arne Alrek, CEO. “We also provide professional diesel engines and generator sets for pleasure boats, fish farming vessels, professional workboats, and the marine commercial industry. Our mission is to constantly provide better for our customers, as well as working to generally improve the product range for our respective markets.”

The engine is a vital component of a vessel’s safety system and lifeboats are no exception. Frydenbø Sabb Motor demands that its engine start, and keep running, no matter what. As such the SABB brand has gained a reputation for its ability to operate in all sorts of adverse conditions. This includes the harshest of environments, with SABB engines capable of working in temperatures as low as minus 25°C, endure 360 degree rotations, and perform even when submerged to mid crankshaft level. Other engine types are also available from leading brands Lister Petter and FPT Iveco.

Furthermore, Frydenbø Sabb Motor engineers and develops its own SABB branded controllable pitch propeller (CPP) gearboxes for the domestic and export workboat market. “We have a range of four models of CPP gearboxes,” elaboratesArne. “These are used by professional and commercial customers, and proven to be the most reliable and durable pitch propeller gearbox on today’s market. The SABB CPP gearboxes have been fully developed, engineered and produced in our factory in Bergen, Norway since the1970s.”

In this way, Frydenbø Sabb Motor’s long heritage is a cleardifferentiator for the business, with a strong track record and extensive know-how, but the company is also recognised for its innovations. This includes being the first lifeboat company to meet the EU E0406 regulations in January 2012.

“We’ve developed the first marine propulsion engine of its kind that is able to run upside down,” enthuses Arne. “This is a highly specialised engine for freefall lifeboat applications for one of the largest lifeboat builders in theworld. They required an engine that would meet the strict new regulations for the North Sea, OS E406, which among other requirements needed to be able to run upside down due to the possible capsizing of the lifeboat in an emergencysituation. This engine is based on a six-cylinder Iveco engine putting out 280 bhp at 2800 rpm, and is placed in what is currently the largest freefall lifeboat – the FF1200 from Harding of Norway.”

It’s not just the technology itself though that makes a product good, Frydenbø Sabb Motor also believes that an effective support system is necessary. As such, the company’s aftersales service is a key focus. “This is vital as our customers are reliant on our services and spare parts from the minute we have delivered a new product to them. Also the aftersales performance is a measurement of the health in a supplying business. We work to ensure quality in every aspect of our products, with highly skilled and dedicated personnel, as well as working with our sub-suppliers,” describes Arne.

The result is a reliable and technically advanced engine that comes with a comprehensive service offering when the client needs it. This is delivered through co-ordinated service workshops dedicated to repair and maintenance, as well as the company’s central location, which has easy access to a deepwater harbour, and modern testing and measuring facilities. For many working in extreme conditions, Frydenbø Sabb Motorrepresents the ultimate in quality.

With thousands of SABB engines used dailyworldwide, Frydenbø Sabb Motor is rightlyproud of its reputation. As to how the companyintends to maintain this, Arne reveals some of the areas it has been working on: “We have focused on basically trying to grow sensibly in our markets through internal knowledge and training, combined with increasing expertise in our products together with our key sub-suppliers and brand manufacturers. This will in our view help us continue to grow our business in the years to come. Generally for the future we hold high hopes. We will continue to further develop and build our high quality diesel marine engines, generator sets and CPP gears, and slowly try to expand to new markets and niches.”

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