Flying the flag

Reederei Heino Winter is the ship management arm of the Heino Winter Group, which also consists of an engineering office as a worldwide supplier of technical shipping equipment. Although officially founded in October 1977, Reederei Heino Winter is the result of several generations of development.

Its beginnings lie with Jonny Winter who put in place the basis for a modern coastal shipping company following World War Two with the construction of one of the first German container vessels. Following in his father’s footsteps, Heino Winter spent time at sea as a maritime engineer, before coming ashore to establish his own fleet. In 1978 the first new build ‘MV Tilia’ was ordered from Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft AG (HDW).

This was the last vessel to be launched at HDW in Hamburg after more than 100 years of shipbuilding. Following this first delivery, Heino Winter shared the company duties with Gerlinde Winter who looked after the commercial department. This left Heino free to take care of technical inspection, and the planning and advancement of the business.

Simultaneously to Reederei Heino Winter, he also launched the engineering office Heino Winter GmbH, which took over the technical management and maintenance of the company’s own fleet, and third party customers. The engineering office also acts as the purchasing division for Reederei Heino Winter, and supplies a further 250 other vessels with spare parts and technical equipment. This includes all consumable goods and working gear for operating vessels, and initial engine, deck, office, bridge, galley and crew equipment for new builds.

For its own part Reederei Heino Winter undertakes the complete management of its internal fleet, and third party seagoing vessels. This incorporates everything from financial management and accounting to technical and nautical inspection. The company also undertakes audits and surveys, offers advice and implementation of management systems, and plans and implements repairs, dry docking, and new build supervision.

For over 20 years, the business primarily operated out of Altona, but relocated to Finkenwerder when demand for stock requirements increased. This new site sees both the shipping and engineering offices located in a shared building, with large warehouse capacity, that is also strategically close to both the harbour and local airport.

At present Reederei Heino Winter is responsible for an internal fleet of around 16 partly-owned vessels, all built within the last decade. These vessels are a mixture of container ships and heavy lift dry cargo assets. The latest two are the ‘MV Pacific Winter’ and ‘MV Tasmanic Winter’, which were delivered last year from the Quingshan Shipyard.

One external client that Reederei Heino Winter is closely associated with is the Rickmers Group. The company manages four chartered vessels for the Group, including the recently baptised Rickmers Chennai. This multipurpose heavy lift vessel has a totally lifting capacity of 800 tonnes, and is the sister ship of the Rickmers Dubai. Having proven to be a successful asset to the fleet, the Rickmers Chennai provides greater flexibility in the Group’s Middle Eastern and Indian services. As such, Reederei Heino Winter hopes that this will signify many more years of collaboration, as its close partnership with Rickmers enables the Group to offers its customers an expanded services and wider choice of ports of call.

Since its arrival the Rickmers Chennai has already undertaken a major delivery project, managed by Reederei Heino Winter. This was the hoisting of a 360-tonne floating crane in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, for which the Rickmers Chennai was well suited due to its tandem 400-tonne cranes and stability pontoons.

Another vessel which is chartered to Rickmers is the ‘MV Baltic Winter’. Earlier this year the vessel undertook a six week long voyage to deliver a 550-tonne Bangladesh-manufactured ferry, which now operates the Isefjorden crossing in Hundested. Seven miles out from the coast, the Baltic Winter used its two heavy lift cranes to lower the ferry into the water, which then arrived into port under its own steam.

As this relationship demonstrates, Reederei Heino Winter strives towards long-term connections with its customers, and clearly the company delivers results that allow for this. The associated engineering office allows the company to offer greater value, with a complete range of services, that means customers can be confident that their vessels are being managed to the highest degree.

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