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Schiffswerft Diedrich is a modern shipbuilding company situated in the Ems-Mündung region in the northwestern Germany. With a heritage that dates back over 80 years, the company has become a renowned specialist in the repair and maintenance of ferries and cargo ships that operate to and from islands off the coast of Ostfriesland. The shipyard Diedrich GmbH was established in 1998 following the closing of Julius Diedrich Shipyard; a family business that had made a name in the construction of small passenger ships, small fishing vessels and coastal vessels throughout the 1960s to 1980s.

Today the shipyard Diedrich GmbH is owned in equal shares of the AG Reederei Norden-Frisia, the shipping company Baltrum-Line GmbH, Rolf Janssen GmbH and the company Neumann brothers, and remains a specialist in the area of repair and maintenance of small vessels. The main customers of the shipyard Diedrich are passenger shipping companies in the region such as AG Reederei Norden-Frisia, Langeoog, Baltrum-Linie GmbH, as well as some local clients, such as N-ports, NLWKN, small-scale fishermen and shipping companies from the offshore industry.

“At the shipyard we also build new ships and we are upto- date with regard to new stricter European Union safety regulations for ferries operating across mudflats. We have the knowhow to enable these ferries to meet market demands profitably,” says Jens Schadler, managing director, continuing: “Our shipbuilders are well trained in safety engineering and we have an expert knowledge of the complex European Union safety regulations. We know how to comply with these regulations without losing sight of the budget.” The company specialises in the development of passenger ships for travel across coastal mudflats and rivers and has additional expertise in the development of cargo ships, fishing vessels and special purpose ships.

With all aspects of newbuilds undertaken, from design work to assembly and installation, the shipyard works closely with clients, ensuring that all questions regarding the new ship have been asked before the design process and construction plans enter the next phase. “The client’s ideas play a vital role in the design process. It is important that both parties are satisfied with the end result. Computer records are kept of all past designs and construction plans and these are often consulted in the design of a new ship. Additionally there is always a contact person at our shipyard and because we value our customers, we are always open to last minute discussions and changes at short notice,” highlights Jens.

More than 80 new ships have been launched from Schiffswerft Diedrich building on the reputation built with ferry companies operating in the difficult intertidal waterways off the Ostfriesish coast. “We have also constructed 30 fishing vessels at our shipyard, all of which have stood the test in the roughest northern parts of the North Sea. The most recently built of these fishing vessels were five cutters for the Ditzumer Fleet,” adds Jens. The shipyard has undertaken the planning and construction of numerous special ships such as the WIND FORCE range of offshore supply catamarans and a cargo ship for the AG Reederei Norden-Frisia. Adherence to schedule has proved time and again one of the strengths of the business, whether it be the rebuilding of existing ships, the building of new ships, maintenance or repair.

“At our shipyard, the building of new ships is planned from A to Z. All design work and construction plans are done in-house. Assembly and installation of equipment are likewise exclusively the work of our shipyard’s qualified staff. It is the flexible and determined workforce that achieves the level of punctuality which keeps the shipyard Diedrich GmbH upright,” Jens points out. The backbone of the shipyard is the machine shop. Its well-qualified and experienced machine shop team assures customers of the highest quality builds and repairs. From rustproofing and pressure pipeline experts, the team recently rebuilt the passenger and car ferry Ditzum, which commutes between the Ostfriesish towns of Ditzum and Petkum. The Ditzum is working proof of the shipyard’s very high rebuilding standards.

Throughout 2014 the company has witnessed an increase in demand for the upgrading of vessels to ensure they comply with stricter European Union safety regulations for ferries. Having invested significant amounts into its repair facilities over the past two years Jens explains: “The work carried out on the adjustments to the existing passenger ships on the safety standard of the EU / National passenger ship directive and the implementation of the authorisation procedures for the shipping companies has further grown our positive reputation. This also applies to the area of maintenance and repair.

“We are currently planning the construction of a new passenger ship for the shipping company Baltrum-Linie GmbH, amongst others, and hope to implement the new building by 2016.” Looking ahead, Jens concludes: “In the coming years, we will target strengthening our activities in the construction sector in addition to the field repairs and maintenance. As the requirement for the replacement of existing fleets of small passenger vessels grows, we see that through our expertise we have a vital role to play.”

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