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As the operator of seven dry docks across three strategic locations in the UK at Falmouth, Tyne and Tees, A&P Group offers an extensive portfolio of services that can accommodate all ship repair requirements, ranging from emergency dockings to 25-year special surveys. All work is carried out under rigorous compliance with an integrated safety, health, quality and environmental management system fully certified under ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001.

Growing through expertise, market-strength and dedication to delivering complex projects, A&P has developed over the years to become a global leader in ship repair, conversion and marine services. Able to deliver robust, bespoke solutions, A&P maintains a collaborative, open approach to create lasting and trusted partnerships. As part of A&P, A&P Falmouth benefits from its strategic location in one of the world’s largest natural deepwater harbours. On top of this, A&P Falmouth is the largest ship-repair complex in the UK, and consists of three large graving docks including the largest dry dock on the UK and extensive berthing facilities for vessels up to 100,000 tonnes.

Wholly capable of trading vast amounts of cargo, Falmouth is a busy working port that handles more than 100,000 tonnes of product on an annual basis and has over 30 companies located in the docks estate, ready and waiting to provide a comprehensive range of services. These include towage, ship’s agency, area port health, diving services, local surveyors and tank washing. In addition to these services, Falmouth is viewed as the gateway to Cornwall and is used by more than 40,000 cruise passengers every year.

Proud to deliver long-term commitment to quality, reliability and efficiency, A&P Falmouth has developed many long-term ship repair partnerships with well-known companies such as P&O, Grimaldi, Condor, Euroships and Stena UK; some of which have been in place for up to 15 years.

A complete range of marine repair services are available to A&P Falmouth’s customers thanks to its onsite workshops for engineering, electrical, paint and fabrication. Alongside these facilities, A&P Falmouth has bunkering facilities and offers customers the option of docking without gas-freeing, in-water surveys and propeller polishing services as well as support from OEMs and other specialist contractors based nearby.

Recent projects for A&P Falmouth include a major £15 million defence contract by the Ministry of Defence that involves the installation of high-end military capabilities in four new tankers in preparation of operations by the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. The contract, which will create ten new jobs and six new apprenticeships, will also help secure 350 jobs on site and provide a strong boost to the local economy following a challenging few years. In line with the announcement of this contract in January 2015, George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, visited A&P Falmouth as part of the Chancellor and Prime Minister’s tour of the southwest.

The two were also in the region to set out their six-point long-term economic recovery plan for the southwest through the creation of jobs and prosperity for the next generation.

Key to this plan is ensuring the world-class defence assets and cyber security industry in the region continues to provide optimum benefits to the local economy; as such, the Chancellor has put aside £900 million of investment in the Salisbury Plain area for the development of new residential accommodation, storage facilities and workshops for the army.

In line with these long-term goals, A&P Falmouth’s customisation work on the tide-class Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability (MARS) tankers will ensure the vessels boast state-of-the-art equipment such as communication systems, ballistic protection and upgrades that will allow the quick fitting of self-defence weapons. Once completed, the RFA will boast top-class tankers that will be able to deliver superior support to the Royal Navy as it takes on operations across the globe.

Planned to enter service in 2016, the tankers will maintain the Royal Navy’s ability to refuel at sea and will provide fuel to task groups and warships. As part of the contract A&P Falmouth will provide support to all four ships during service for a minimum of three years.

A major contract win for A&P Falmouth, the agreement reflects the capacity and skills of A&P Falmouth and its workforce, as well as the A&P Group’s capabilities as a whole. The contract also provides A&P’s port business, Falmouth Docks and Engineering Company with additional business that will enable it to progress with its growth strategy. Additionally, with a contract already in place to support and maintain RFA ships at home and abroad until 2018, A&P now maintains 12 Royal Navy vessels from its base in Falmouth.

Renowned across the globe for ship repair and conversion, A&P is at the forefront of the marine renewable energy sector, with A&P Falmouth taking on three renewable projects in 2014 alone. One of these projects involved the fabrication of Seatricity’s Oceanus 2 wave energy device, a 10m in diameter floating ring with cross tubes that travels up and down with the waves while operating a pump to pressurise sea water that drives a hydroelectric turbine to produce electricity.

Awarded the contract in February 2014, A&P Falmouth completed the fabrication of the first device in mid 2014 before assembling and deploying it at Wave Hub, the offshore renewable energy test facility that is in close proximity to the Falmouth shipyard.

As part of the development team from concept design to final build, A&P was able to identify cost savings and manufacturing engineering techniques for the Oceanus 2 project, which helped keep costs to a minimum while maintaining a low cost of energy base, which is often measured in power output to device weight. Although in its early days, following the success of Oceanus 2, the aim for Seatricity is to develop 60 devices that will delivery ten mW of sustainable power, an amount that would power 10,000 homes.

Showing A&P’s strengths as a one-stop-shop for device developers, from concept to through-life support, this project drew the attention of the SW Green Energy Awards 2014, with A&P Falmouth and Seatricity shortlisted for the Best Renewable Energy Scheme, which took place in November 2014.

Although it boasts a strong order book thanks to its stellar reputation for delivering a superior standard of service, A&P Falmouth has a keen eye for finding opportunities in growing markets and industries and will look to expand into exhaust scrubber installation projects as it moves forward. By expanding into a new business segment A&P Falmouth will further diversify its consumer base and thus drive further growth and development for its shareholders and the local economy over the coming years.

A&P Falmouth
Specialises in ship repairs, engineering services and fabrication

Handles 100,000 tonnes of product annually

Currently expanding into exhaust scrubber projects