After a successful period of detailed testing with a number of key clients, Mojo Maritime, part of James Fisher and Sons plc, has launched its innovative marine operations planning and risk optimisation system, Mermaid.

Mermaid (Marine Economic Risk Management Aid) gives companies involved in marine operations increased understanding of the impact of weather and tidal forces on a project’s schedule. By accurately simulating marine operations against historical weather and tidal data, Mermaid enables enhanced decision-making in the early planning stages to support significant cost-savings through project optimisation.

The system, which has undergone testing on a range of users, including an industry leading project development company, two marine services companies and a leading Russell Group University, allowed Mojo to gain vital feedback on the system prior to launch.

Mojo has been using the software internally for the last two years as a consultancy tool, but it’s now available as a stand-alone product. With significant interest from companies involved in offshore operations, it is anticipated that Mermaid will prove popular for a number of key applications, including project planning and optimisation, bid preparation and review, vessel and port selection, as well as weather risk profiling and design.

Mermaid already has a proven track record of success, having been deployed on a number of projects for high profile clients in the offshore wind, wave and tidal sectors. The system was used to analyse cable-laying methods for offshore wind farms to determine the preferred method for cable storage and deployment and the vessel spread required to minimise cost, duration and risk.