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Known for its ability to fulfil the needs of its global customer base, well-reputed Dutch wholesaler in ship supplies Visser V/H I. van Raalte boasts more than 50 years experience in supplying ship specific products to the likes of ship owners, management companies and shipping agencies. “Visser v/h I. van Raalte BV has been a wholesaler in ship’s supplies for over 70 years now. We supply all technical general deck and engine stores, varying from cotton rags to pneumatic tools and everything in between. Although we now focus on the shipping industry, we previously made flags, cut cotton rags and supplied galley utensils before we became the company we are today,” begins Patrick Mouthaan, Managing Director of Visser v/h I. van Raalte.

Although the shipping industry is currently sluggish, Visser v/h I. van Raalte has maintained steady success thanks to the long-term close customer relationships it has built and developed over the years. Key to these clients remaining loyal to the company is its flexibility in delivering what is required both on time and as cost effectively as possible, as Patrick explains: “Prices and margins are under a lot of pressure. We strongly believe that a genuine purchaser or purchasing department is, together with the right partners and mutual trust, able to keep operational expenses as low as possible. By looking at longer term purchasing or contracting a lot of ad-hoc decisions and time consuming purchases can be avoided. We are an excellent partner to provide these services as we have the knowledge and experience to do this. By offering storage and warehousing we can offer the complete package.”

He continues: “The market is demanding fast reply in quotations and, fast and reliable deliveries. We supply basically everything from stock, in all possible required qualities. We are importers of textile, ropes, ferryl anti-corrosives, galley equipment, cleaning materials and have our own people in our own trucks delivering the goods and therefore are very flexible. Because we have the right people in the right place we are the most trustworthy supplier available and can solve problems easily, should they occur.”

Indeed, to meet the expectations and requirements of customers, Visser v/h I. van Raalte applies a highly efficient and effective stock and pricing policy at its premises in the Port of Rotterdam. From its modern and open space 2600 m2 warehouse and 500 m2 offices, the company has ample capacity for products, thus ensuring availability, consistent quality and complete deliveries. “We built our warehouse and offices in 2010 with the general idea of keeping everything transparent,” says Patrick. “That way, if a customer comes to visit us, they can see from our office how we are picking orders and checking deliveries in our warehouse.”

Available 24/7, Visser v/h I. van Raalte’s dedicated employees, including some office personnel, are all able to pick and deliver the stores. The company also owns and operates four trucks, which increases flexibility and further guarantees items will be delivered on time. Furthermore, all personnel have expertise in ropes, hoisting and lashing chains, as well as accessories, cotton rags, galley and mess room equipment so no customer enquiry is too difficult to answer. In fact, this knowledge spreads across all major departments, from deck stores, engine stores, medicine, welfare items and safety related items, thus enabling the company’s employees to offer more suitable or efficient items as opposed to offering what is requested. “’Knowing the ropes’ in our business means using the correct items and thinking ahead in terms of keeping crew safe. By offering and supplying the correct items instead of just offering what is requested is just one way that our years of experience enables us to become the reliable partner we claim to be,” highlights Patrick.

Establishing itself as a one-stop-shop, Visser v/h I. van Raalte is the ideal partner in delivering products, and the company is keen to prove its capabilities to new customers, no matter how challenging the request. Thanks to its close relationships with manufacturers, extensive product knowledge and independent transportation services, Visser v/h I. van Raalte can find a solution to finding the most specific of products or delivering in the shortest of lead times.

Through its long-term relationships with German customers, Visser v/h I. van Raalte recently used the power of word-of-mouth recommendations on an advertisement that appeared on German television. “The business we do is primarily based on trust that we get things done and say and deliver what we promise,” says Patrick. “Most of our advertising is done face-to-face as customers are happy with the services we provide are the best representatives. We were made aware of some potential German customers and wanted to address these through an advertisement on Hafen, with our strengths backed up by some long-term German customers that were willing to be used as a reference.”

Moving forward, the company will be seeking out new products and items that will be able to offer solutions to its customers. “We recently started to promote, sell and distribute Tycan Dyneema chain solutions as an extra to the expertise we already have on hoisting and lashing,” says Patrick. On top of this, Visser v/h I. van Raalte will be focused on expansion following its strategic decision to acquire land next to its warehouse as it continues to provide a superior service and the best possible supplier solutions to its growing customer base. “We are going to expand our forwarding and storage facilities to provide even more service to our customers; we are also looking to target more ‘industry based’ customers by delivering and storing more stock and products. For potential customers who have yet to work with us, try us and we will prove what we are saying; by being a partner instead of a supplier we will exceed your expectations,” concludes Patrick.

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