Sparrows Group, and its cable and pipe-lay solutions (CPLS) division, reinforced its international footprint in the US after being awarded a contract by Oceaneering International, Inc. (Oceaneering) to design and manufacture two 500-tonne powered and jack-able under-rollers.

The new under-roller system, through its versatility and mobility, offers a wide range of benefits. Suitable for use with reels of up to 11.4m outer diameter, it provides up to 10 tonnes of line pull at the outer reel diameter which is particularly beneficial for steel-tubed umbilicals – a more rigid product that requires greater effort to spool around the reel.

Sparrows Group chief executive officer, Stewart Mitchell added: “The under-roller design results in a more time and cost-effective system which improves the efficiency of operations. Further, the flexibility in design enables the user to reduce the number of heavy lifting operations on site by moving the under-roller to the reel instead of moving the reel to the location of and onto the under-roller.

“Furthermore, the wheel drive and idler units can also be transported by forklift pockets built into the wheel unit frames – from either the side or the end of the unit – to allow forklifts to position the wheel units in more confined spaces at the client’s facility as well as for speed of relocation without the use of a crane.”