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Operating as part of the wider Wrist Ship Supply, Garrets International represents one of the marine industry’s largest and most accomplished provision and stores management companies. Garrets became part of Wrist as of 28 January 2016. SeaStar operates as a business unit within Wrist and was established in 2009 to specialise in the handling of consumable budgets and the delivery of consumables to ships all over the world. With the support of Wrist, the company quickly established a strong reputation and a customer platform of 600 ships.

Garrets International was founded in 1991 to facilitate full co-operation between ship owners and managers, crew and suppliers by providing a complete provision management service. By 2015 Garrets was recognised as a world-leading marine provision management company with a fleet of over 1000 ships of all types and sizes under supplying them in ports around the world. Today both companies operate as a single entity under the Garrets brand with offices located within Denmark and the UK, as well as a dedicated sales office within Singapore. “If you consider the legacy of the business, SeaStar had organic growth of around ten per cent during 2015 and with the acquisition of Garrets the company collectively has in excess of 1600 ships under management,” explains CEO, Niels Snog. “Our ambition is to be the best, and this acquisition provides optimum conditions for just that.”

Following the acquisition the former SeaStar and Garrets continues to operate as a leading supplier of provision and stores management solutions for the marine industry that combines the expertise of Garrets with the global presence of its new parent company. Wrist represents the largest ship supplier in the world, offering Garrets a strong professional base from which to continue to develop its service offering. Garrets sources from the best suppliers worldwide. Last year Garrets made supplies throughout 712 ports across 113 countries, for each ship’s specific provisioning needs, screening quotations from multiple suppliers on its customers’ behalf. Its experienced staff co-ordinate on-board deliveries with the ship and their appointed agent, always looking for opportunities to consolidate with other deliveries to optimise logistics, alleviating customers’ purchasing departments of time-consuming purchase and logistics tasks.

Since becoming part of Wrist Garrets has also taken on the diversified services of SeaStar, which had introduced a new stores management edition as of January 2014. Today the implementation of this stores division compliments Garrets’ provision of consumable items and provision management solutions by providing year-round solutions in non-consumable stores for ships globally. “With provision management, we’re expanding our concept to also include the purchasing of general consumer goods. This can be everything from tools to work wear, kitchen equipment and non- skid mats,” Niels outlines. “A yearly budget is compiled, and we will then help the ship stay within this budget. Prices can differ upwards of 200 per cent from port to port, but when shipping companies outsource the management of all purchases, they don’t feel the price difference as we have agreed on a fixed budget. This means peace of mind for the shipping companies, knowing that we can guarantee a consistent quality on the ships, regardless of where they are in the world.”

While Garrets is a proven industry player in the field of ship supply, the company is also a prime mover in the training of chefs onboard and the introduction of the highest standards of food quality within the marine industry. During 2015 for example, Garrets was awarded a Good Egg Award by Compassion in World Farming in recognition of its commitment to source only cage-free eggs across its European operation. Garrets represents the only maritime company in the world to have received this award. “Presently the improvement that has been achieved in products sold in supermarkets on land in terms of quality and ethics is generally ahead of what is supplied at sea,” Niels explains. “There are many countries around the world where it is hard to be able to meet these standards and we would like to be part of trying to drive those changes throughout the marine sector. Being a market leader, we would like to try to set the tone and while we accept that we cannot do this alone, we feel that we have a responsibility to drive some progress in this area and sometimes to be the first mover in the industry.”

As part of its commitment to quality and co-operation with customers, Garrets also operates training courses for ship’s crew in association with a local school in Manila and is in the process of setting up a similar facility in Mumbai. Further to delivering expert training on land, the company also maintains a core of first-rate chefs who act as superintendents that can operate aboard customer’s ships to train staff and identify areas of improvement. During the next 12 months, the company will focus on further establishing these services inline with the company’s wider activities to deliver a fully comprehensive marine supply solution. “We are currently working to develop the stores management division to the same level as the provisions management part of the business,” Niels concludes. “Over the next five years we intend to continue to grow organically above market rate, and we continue to seek acquisition possibilities, while ensuring a good quality of service in terms of both provisions and stores and to act as a prime mover in bringing new services to the market.”

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